6 Liverpool place names that make no sense if you’re not scouse

We love a good rags to riches story and our very own tale is a belter. The origin of the name of our amazing city makes perfect sense, Liverpool, the pool of life, a bustling, international port that began its journey to greatness as a muddy puddle.

What’s weird though is how we went a bit west when it came to naming the suburbs that surround our ever-changing, culturally rich city centre. You can’t write a single one of these into a MS Word doc without getting an angry red line underneath and its a fool-proof way of spotting new students/tourists too. If you’ve never been to Liverpool, or if you fancy a laugh with your sat nav one day, take a drive around and listen to the automated voice take on these weird and wonderful place names.

Here’s 6 Liverpool place names that make no sense if you’re not scouse….

1 – Aigburth


Right hang on, it’s spelled A-I-G-B-U-R-T-H yet we pronounce it as Egg Buth. Totally confused with this one. Needless to say we reckon L17 is easily one of Liverpool’s prettiest suburbs, boasting Sefton Park, a huge student population and of course the best chippy in the world, Steve’s!

2 – Childwall

Photo Credit: Abode Group.co.uk

This one gets everyone, yeah we know it’s spelled Child Wall, but we call it Chillwall, because we like to be different and unique and generally just make our own rules. Chillwall has the most famous roundabout in Liverpool. the Fiveways which gets you a special sticker when you nail it on your driving test!

3 – Fazakerley

Photo Credit: Wiki Commons, The famous Fazakerley hospital

Okay so Fazakerley is actually just pronounced as its spelled, Fazakerley, but where the hell did this come from? We’ve got tonnes of completely normal sounding places such as West Derby, Crosby, Allerton and Hunts Cross and poor Fazakerley stands out like some long lost relative that comes along to the annual family get together. Awwww.

4 – Gateacre

Photo Credit: Bear & Staff Facebook

See Childwall. No, no its not Gate-Acre its Gat aker. Yep you read that right, although if you’ve never referred to this L25 area of Liverpool with a mock posh accent as Gate-Acre then are you really scouse? Gateacre Brow offers some stunning views of the city, woodlands and the epic Bear & Staff pub. But it’s still Gataker to us.

5 – Tuebrook

Fancy a midnight tour around the Newsham Park former Orphanage and Asylum….nah!

If we find out the area of Tuebrook was not named by someone who found a small watering hole on a Tuesday, in Newsham Park, we’re going to be fuming. It would make perfect sense! With its creepy former orphanage and massive railway bridge, what else would it be called?

6 – Huyton

Photo Credit: disused-stations.org.uk

Realistically Huyton should be spelled Hyton, or Highton, but as long as it rhymes with ‘two dogs fighting’ has a maccies drive-through and one of the biggest Asda’s in the city, Huyton is all good with us.

If you’re a budding local historian and you can shed any light on how these names came about, or how they’ve evolved over the years, drop us a line. Or if you think you know any better ones tweet us @TheGuideLpool and we’ll share the best on our socials.


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