How to celebrate Independence Day 2017 in Liverpool

Its Independence Day on Tuesday 4th July and we love nothing more than jumping on the bandwagon or an excuse to raise a glass in celebration.

Although we’re over 3,000 miles away from the U.S and divided by the entire Atlantic Ocean, Liverpool and a number of American cities have shared a long history. Did you know there was once more than 8,000 American soldiers stationed in and around Liverpool? Apparently they brought a lot of vinyl music to the city that influenced the local club scene!

The annual Independence Day celebrations mark the liberation of America from the British Empire back in 1776 and whether you’re an American living in Liverpool, or just a wannabe for the day, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our guide to celebrating Independence Day 2017 in Liverpool……

First up, toast Independence Day with a stack of pancakes and a big old rack of ribs at these local eateries….

1 – Moose Coffee, Dale Street

The American and Canadian themed coffee shop, Moose is celebrating with ‘Star Spangled Banner’ Pancakes which consists of a stack of blueberry and strawberry pancakes topped with vanilla cream cheese, fresh fruit, whipped cream, maple syrup and popping candy!

2 – Almost Famous, Parr Street

Almost Famous is the go to for beef patty overload. Famed for their loaded and stacked Burgers, which are served with double patties, as well as wings and six different styles of fries, Independence day is the perfect excuse to try the bacon bacon fries or the chicken waffle fries.

3 – Nolita Cantina, Bold Street

Food Guide Nolita Cantina

This independent restaurant offers up a stylish take on America foods; serving slow cooked meats and burgers plus Boston Baked Beans, warm brioche sub sandwiches loaded with New Orleans remoulade. Nom!

4 – Rookwood Bar & Cue, Colquitt Street

Voted one of the top 10 BBQ restaurants in Britain, Rookwood specialises in steaks, wings and burgers. Tuesday just happens to be 241 burger night, and it’s 241 cocktails from 5pm too! We’ll see you there.

5 – Free State Kitchen, Maryland Street

Photo Credit: FSK Facebook

Free State Kitchen is a canteen setting eatery with a gorgeous garden area for al fresco BBQ dining too. Serving up succulent beef burgers and the delicious ‘Clam Sam Burger’ with fries, the busy happy hour offers 3 bottled beers for £5 too!

6 – Barley and Beans, Hatton Garden

The home of the ‘Freakshake’, as well burgers and hearty breakfasts, you’re invited to over indulge, the American way and carb load for the marathon you’ve no intention of running. Shhhhh no one will know.

7.  Death Row Diner,  Hope Street

Death Row is perfect for a big scran that will ensure you will not have to eat another meal for the foreseeable future. They offer a range of huge meals from burgers, hot dogs, wings, jumbo shrimp, nachos as well as a range of vegetarian dishes too.

8 – Hickory’s Smokehouse, West Kirby

Smokey meats on the other side of the water that never fails to fill your belly while tasting too damn good too. Check out the Cajun onion rings, blackened corn on the cob and the home-baked American pretzel for starters!

9 – Red Dog Saloon, Bold Street

This relatively new restaurant provides the American food dream. The menu varies from Brunch to American style sandwiches, BBQ smoked meats from the fire pit as well as over indulgent desserts such as an Oreo & White chocolate fudge pie and a Mississippi ice cream cake.

Had your fill? Excellent, now it’s time to shake off the meat sweats at these Tuesday night disco’s….

1 – Rack and Dollar, Berry Street

The huge diner esque bar showcases numerous beers, bourbons and cocktails while offering live music, big tv screens to watch those important sporting games and a pool table.

2 – Brooklyn Mixer, Seel Street

Resident DJ, Jordan Munn will be keeping the night alive on Tuesday. Splayed across three floors, Brooklyn offers a music genre to cater to every person. They offer a range of American beers as well as an extensive cocktail list.

3 – Roxy’s Ballroom, College Lane

Get down to Roxy’s for Beer Pong tables, Ping Pong and Pool tables. They also have an outside patio and tonnes of American beers on tap, as well as great bar snacks too. Cocktails include The American classics such as a ‘Long Island Ice Tea’ and ‘Cosmopolitan’.

Get your facts straight with a bit of a local American history lesson….

1 – Birkenhead Park

Did you know Birkenhead Park was the inspiration for New York’s Central Park. American Architect Frederick Law Olmsted visited Birkenhead during an European trip and was so inspired, he recreated it in central Manhattan!

2 – Slavery Museum

The Guide Liverpool, Walk For Freedom

Located on the third floor of the Maritime Museum, Albert Dock, the Slavery Museum displays the untold stories of the enslaved that made their way to America from Liverpool port. Prepare to get a bit weepy.

3 – Maritime Museum

Also based at Albert Dock, the Maritime is a great visit to reflect on those that would embark on a journey to find the ‘American Dream’. Visit ‘Titanic and Liverpool: The Untold Story’, a free event that reveals the Scouse connection to the infamous Titanic.

Brag about the best of American telly, music and film actually being from Scouseland….

1 – Kim Cattrall

Born in Mossley Hill, Liverpool but raised in America, Kim rose to fame as the feisty ‘Samantha Jones’ in Sex and the City after taking the lead in possibly our favourite 80’s film of all time, Mannequin where she played a reincarnated Egyptian princess! Haven’t seen it? Get on Netflix.

2 – Mike Myers

His parents were born in Liverpool, we’ll take that! Famous for his role as Austin Powers, Mike Myers landed us Brits with the comical reputation of having horrendous teeth and puns, cheers Mike. That said, we couldn’t want to live in a world without the Austin Powers, Wayne’s World and Cat in the Hat films. Yeah Baby!

3 – The Beatles

They were born and raised in Liverpool and made their way to America in 1964 to grow their legacy. Our beloved John Lennon died in NYC and as well as the ‘Imagine’ memorial, he has also had three acres of land dedicated to his memory, aptly named ‘Strawberry Fields’.

Are you an American celebrating in Liverpool? Are you hosting a stars and stripes party? Tweet us @TheGuideLpool or email us and we’ll share the love on our socials.

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