Easter Love for Liverpool’s Homeless

By Michelle Langan from the Real Love Street Team

First it was scarves to Wrap Liverpool In Love, this time it was eggs. A call out for Easter eggs for the homeless. As ever, the people of Liverpool didn’t disappoint, and with extra donations from London friends and a kind twitter pal from America, my house soon started to look like Willy Wonka’s factory.


We gave the eggs out on Easter Monday, a team of volunteers who make up the ‘Real Love Liverpool’ street team. We are just one of several teams of volunteers who go out across the city each week to dish out hot drinks, food and a listening ear to our rough sleepers.


Tonight was a good night, and those simple Easter eggs, donated with kindness, put smiles on so many faces. When your home is a piece of cardboard in a doorway, chocolate is a luxury, so they were well received.

I was surprised to see a familiar face tonight, a man who I recognise from my local area. His dog Rocky and my dogs have run in the park together. He told us how his mum had died two weeks ago, resulting in his landlord evicting him from his home. He was ashamed that he had found himself in this situation, and looked really lost. We chatted to him and gave him some easter treats and food. He told us he felt like his birthday and Christmas has come at once. He is still adapting to life on the street as he waits for a place in a hostel.


Another two ladies, an auntie and niece, are sharing a blanket on one of Liverpool’s finest Georgian streets. They too are on a waiting list for a place to stay, and having nothing, they were grateful for the Easter eggs. These ladies would only accept one egg each, saying ‘you have given us enough.’ One young man who loved his Easter treats is a qualified barrister. Proof that homelessness can happen to anyone, regardless of their occupation or age.


We met some lovely dogs and their homeless owners, and all of them were grateful that people had thought about them enough to donate an Easter egg. Liverpool people are well known for their generosity and kindness, and tonight there were a lot of smiles on the streets thanks to the donations. Liverpool really is the capital of kindness. ❤️

*To find out more about Real Love Liverpool check out their Facebook page here.

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