Gangs of Victorian Liverpool return to St George’s Hall

Watch as we take you into the depths of St George’s Hall to find the Gangs of Victorian Liverpool!

The increasingly popular promenade theatre Catacombs tours of St George’s Hall Liverpool return by popular demand next week with brand new stories which and once again delve in to the dark history of Liverpool’s Victorian gangs scene.

Gangs of Victorian Liverpool, the next instalment from the promenade theatre tours from Lovehistory take place from Monday 3 – Saturday 8 April

The new series of tours feature new stories, uncovering the tales of past criminals who were hanged for their crimes, those who were judged and sentenced by law, and those who carried out the sentence of the court – the executioner.

This new instalment will start by highlighting the ten years of gang violence which ensued in Liverpool following the horrific 1874 murder of Richard Morgan, known as the Tithebarn Street Outrage which saw Richard Morgan brutally murdered and his wife and brother attacked by members of the Cornermen Gang whilst walking home from the pub. The brutality of this murder brought to light to the public the gang warfare which then plagued the city.

Then discover all the grizzly details of the Blackstone Street Murder where in 1884 a Spanish sailor was set upon by a group of thugs from arguably the most infamous Liverpool gang, the High Rip gang, which saw one young man Michael McLean, hung for the heinous attack.

The evening will also shine a light on the rivalry between the notorious High Rip gang and the Logwood gang – set up by a group of working men in fear of the threat of attack from members of the High Rip gang. This group of vigilantes would ultimately became just as notorious, when a feud started between the two after the murder of a man called Patrick Heston by rival gang member Thomas Donlon in a pub in Scotland road.

Then learn all about the business of grave robbing as Lovehistory unearth the details of the Resurrection Men, a group of friends who would steal bodies from Liverpool graves for medical research. Including the story of William Stewart who would recruit Liverpool gang members to steal bodies from St Johns Gardens and the Church Clerk who caught them and put a nail in the coffin on the whole operation.

Previous Lovehistory Catacombs tours have sold-out seeing over 1,000 visitors descend on St George’s Hall in one week to hear the series of gruesome stories.

The promenade performances take visitors in to the dark cells below the grandness of the Great Hall, where those waiting to be condemned would spend their final moments. In the dark shadows of Liverpool’s history, visitors will encounter characters telling their tormented tales. Behind every dark corner lies a hidden story which has not been heard for over 100 years.

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