Get a head start on your dream career as Liverpool is named the best UK city to find a job in 2017

It’s long been said that the bright lights of London is where opportunity lies for those looking to start a glittering career. But not anymore, Liverpool is where its at for career seekers!

Liverpool jobs are on the rise! The city has been named the best in the UK to get yourself a job with a 23% rise in advertised vacancies in 2016, ahead of Edinburgh, London, Southampton and Portsmouth, according to Cosmopolitan Magazine. (Feb 13, 2017).

2017 is already shaping up to be another phenomenal year of growth for Liverpool. With more construction, creative, media and tourism opportunities than ever before. Our city is bursting with independent businesses and large organisations that are carving brand new paths in not only customer engagement but also employee satisfaction.

The data, compiled by also published the figures on the competition for jobs and unsurprisingly applications also rose by 24% in Liverpool. The bottom line is, if you want to be in with a chance of landing that dream job, you have to find a way to stand out from the crowd and that’s where we come in.

We relish the opportunity to bring you positive stories that highlight just how great a place Liverpool is, so we’ve enlisted the help of some local industry movers and shakers to help you get your career off the ground. Scroll down to read insights, advice and CV tips from 5 Liverpool based people and organisations who champion our amazing city.


1 – Paul Corcoran – Agent Marketing & Agent Academy

Paul heads up Agent Marketing and has an unrivalled passion for people, projects and social impact. As an advocate of entrepreneurship, Paul plays active roles as Chair for the School of Social Entrepreneurs North West and a number of other organisations including LIPA and Rare Trust. Along with his trusty sidekick poodle, Leo, we asked for Paul’s take on why Liverpool is the place to be.

He said: “The digital and creative sector is one to watch, the city has so many small creative visual companies that are growing thanks to more young people investing their skills here. There’s also great support for those starting their own businesses in this industry as generation’s X and Z begin to carve a whole new path in the digital arena, its exciting to see what they’re going to do next.

With a phenomenal investment into life sciences at Liverpool’s Knowledge Quarter, the city can again boast incredible hospitals and facilities with researchers and skilled technicians coming together to lead the way in key areas. These advances bring a wealth of opportunity for higher paid jobs too in the likes of architects, engineers and medicine.

We’re excited to play a part in retaining our local talent, ensuring the message gets to those studying at our universities and colleges and ultimately helping to upskill our talented young people into full time jobs.

2 – Eleanor Nelly – Singer/Songwriter/Musician

Having recently signed her first recording and management contract at just 17, former LIMF One to Watch and friend of The Guide Liverpool, Eleanor Nelly is a perfect role model for those seeking a career in the music industry. Eleanor started out playing gigs from the tender age of 13, and her determination and raw talent has seen her rise to the top in just 4 short years. We asked Eleanor for her advice on making an impact on the local music scene.

She said: “Don’t be afraid to be different, you know, just get out there, be fierce and watch and learn what the other bands and acts are doing. I’m sure I used to do everyone’s head’s in, hanging around, playing guitar badly and singing out of tune, but it’s all good experience and I’m lucky to call a lot of those acts I looked up to, good friends now.”

3 – Rob Leyland – Chef/Owner Bayou

Rob Leyland has certainly seen something of the world but luckily for us he’s now settled in Liverpool and is instrumental in bringing fresh ideas to the local food scene. Currently manning the kitchen at Tithebarn eatery, HUS, while developing his own Creole and Cajun pop up kitchen, Bayou, Rob gives us his take on getting a start in the service industry. Those without passion, need not apply.

He said: “Family attitude is paramount. For me, being part of a kitchen team is like being part of a family. We work seriously long hours and at times that can have an impact on personal and social elements of our lives. So being able to reach out is important.

“Being willing to learn will open doors for you in the kitchen trade. Having built up some experience you might think you know it all, but you don’t and neither do I!

“It takes shedloads of guts to make the leap into self-employed business, especially if you have a family to support. However, this is where the amazing people of Liverpool come in. They’re understanding and supportive and friendly here. If you’re brave enough to take the leap, there’s tonnes of support.”


4 – Chelsea Slater – Co-founder Liverpool Girl Geeks

Chelsea is a co-founder of Liverpool Girl Geeks, a group on a mission to tackle gender inequality in the tech sector, one intervention at a time. By offering courses, events and workshops that inspire women and girls of all ages, they aim to close the gender gap for good. As someone with their finger on the pulse of opportunities for women, we caught up with Chelsea for a natter about girls and gaming!

Chelsea said: “Liverpool is an incredible place to work right now. We have access to digital spaces such as The Baltic Creative, Make Liverpool and DoES, Co-working spaces, organisations such as FACT, Visuality Studio and The Studio school. The communities are so engaged and welcoming, there’s so much going on and it’s here with open arms to welcome more, to create, innovate and excite more. I’m so in love with this city and I’m sure you will be too.
“If you are moving to Liverpool for a job then we are here with open arms. Our community is so engaged and welcoming, with the likes of monthly women in tech meet ups, creative kitchen events and access to a range of courses and opportunities in digital. There’s really no excuse not to get involved!”

CV or not to CV

liverpool jobs

We understand that for some, writing a covering letter or formatting a CV can be the most daunting task. We had a chat with tourism giants and one of the biggest employers on Merseyside, Liverpool John Lennon Airport for their top 5 tips on making a good CV, great!

1 –  Use an appropriate email address to apply for the job. Having an email address which references football clubs, films or jokes might amuse your friends but it doesn’t amuse employers.

2 – Work experience shows an employer that you aren’t afraid to get involved and work hard.  Lots of people volunteer at the airport to gain insight and experience into the industry so we are launching a new Ambassador scheme in April that will allow a wide range of people throughout the region to gain experience in travel and tourism.

3 – Don’t lie on your application, instead tailor your CV to highlight the most relevant parts of your experience or skill set.

4 – Do your research! Show an interest in the company and what they do. Even if an application doesn’t specifically call for a covering letter it is a good idea to include some insight that shows your knowledge and enthusiasm.

5 – One of the most important things when applying for a job is SPELLCHECK! Read through your application, read through it again, and again and then ask someone else to read through it too! Make sure you spell the name of the company and role correctly, as well as your own name!

We hope we’ve helped to inspire you to chase that dream job and make it a reality right here in Liverpool. We’d love to hear your success stories and tips for acing interviews! Tweet us your suggestions @TheGuideLpool or email us and we’ll share them on our socials.




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