Details on the Whitechapel Family Sleepout at Liverpool Cathedral…

As you know it’s not only gigs, music, festivals and fashion we like to talk about on The Guide Liverpool – we also like to let you know how you can help those that might need it in our city too.

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Liverpool Cathedral Sleepout - The Guide Liverpool
Two Liverpool charities have come together to realise a dream of a Sleepout in Liverpool Cathedral on Saturday 2nd April 2016. The Whitechapel Centre, Liverpool’s leading homeless charity, and Liverpool Cathedral, who play an important role in the life of the city, hope the event will engage children and young people in raising money to help put an end to homelessness and to help the Cathedral repair the roof of such an iconic landmark in the city.
The charities wanted to design an event where children and young people can get involved in an exciting and challenging fundraising event, because fundraising events are often more focused towards grown-ups.

We met Whitechapel Fundraising Manager Ruth Mccaughley at Liverpool Cathedral to find out more…

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