Help the City’s Homeless and Wrap Liverpool in Love

With Hurricane Gertrude and her friends gusting, it really brings home how living life on the streets can be brutal for homeless people.

Over the past few months I’ve done a couple of projects with different homeless groups, and given out hot drinks, food and warm clothes to rough sleepers across the city at night. The thing that struck me most is how many of the homeless on the streets crave the most basic of human needs – conversation. One conversation that sticks in my mind is the man who told me that the worst thing about being homeless is how people won’t look him in the eye. ‘I’m not a beggar, I’m a human being,’ he said.

Wrap Liverpool with Love - The Guide Liverpool, Michelle Langan

His words are the motivation behind a project that I will be doing across Liverpool on Valentine’s Day. A day that celebrates love is the perfect day to ‘Wrap Liverpool In Love.’

The idea is to tie scarves across Liverpool, so people can unwrap them and give them to a homeless person who needs it. Hopefully this will also foster some conversations. A local school are helping with the project, and the children will be writing messages which will be attached to the scarves. Awesome Liverpool have also lent their support when it came to sourcing scarves.

Already, there has been positivity around the idea, and hopefully the people of Liverpool will get involved, unwrap the scarves and pass them on. Please, get on board and spread the love across the city. Let’s see if we can start a wave of kindness to sweep across the country, starting in Liverpool. Look out for me and my helpers on Valentine’s Day, come to say hello, and more importantly, grab a scarf. See you on Sunday 14th Feb.

By Michelle Langan

Wrap Liverpool with Love - The Guide Liverpool, Michelle Langan

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  1. RoughSleeper

    3 years ago  


    A lovely idea. I saw the earlier articles, and photos, of it starting in Iran.

    I think that you mean ‘RoughSleepers’, where you say ‘Homeless’, they are not the same thing.

    It is 100% of ‘RoughSleepers’ that sleep out, in the cold, not the ‘Homeless’, of whom only 00.08% sleep out, and 99.02% sleep in a house.

    Best wishes

    (9.2040 x ’10K hours’ Boots On The Ground Expertise. That’s 3835 Nights, At 1.4654 pence/day) Photo Reportage @

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