Local Music Spotlight: Amique

Last year’s LIMF ‘Most Ready’ artists certainly were a talented bunch and one of the musicians chosen to perform at last year’s festival was Amique, his performance went down so well that he has been invited back to Sefton Park this year.

Listening to Amique’s music instantly brings the phrase ‘ahead of it’s time’ to life, in his own words he hopes his music “will uplift and inspire others to take this art to higher spheres.” His song ‘Searching’ was one of our most played, and certainly one of the most catchy and elevating songs on our radio show and we can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store for one of the city’s brightest young stars. Amique is in our local music spotlight…

Tell us your music story so far…

I was raised on the blues, fell into funk as a kid and and fell in love with Joni & Miles as a teenager-I was always obsessed with music and sound…I used to sing into the washing machine as a young child because I loved the reverb in there. I learnt to play piano by banging the hell out of my mothers’ employers upright piano. I’ve always heard music in my dreams-I was a difficult sleeper sometimes as a kid and maybe that’s why. I heard the most incredible piece of music I’ve ever heard in my dream the other night and when I woke up, most of it had left me. I have a few ashes from the dream though…it’s something.


How would you describe your music?

I wouldn’t! :p


Do you ever get tired of people saying you sound like Prince?

It’s quite a compliment. But I try to be as philosophical as possible about such things. Art is like Rorschach images. What we see and hear is reflective of our own experience. I pay little attention to who I supposedly sound like and pay more attention to being the best I can be. 🙂

Amique - LIMF Academy Showcase @ Magnet Liverpool

Picture by Keith Ainsworth

It is more than just music for you, your image including everything from song title choice, artwork to your own style is also key isn’t it?

That’s an interesting observation. For me though, it all starts and ends with the music itself. I wasn’t raised on much ‘synthetic’ music. The sounds I grew up around were created by people, not machines. Robert Johnson, Sade, Stevie Wonder, Kate Bush. The music itself is not a component of my life, it is my life and as such has nuances and subtleties that I strive to recreate for the listener and observer. The image, artwork, style etc is just a reverberation of the original sound. The deeper we dig, the more we discover. Einstein was talking about gravitational waves years ago and made links between how the universe worked and how music worked. It’s all connected. 🙂 But I will admit to being heavily inspired by the old school Hollywood approach when it comes to how we dress and carry ourselves. Not everything is for mass consumption. 🙂



LIMF was a huge part of your journey last year , tell us about what it done for you?

It’s validated the fact that I am on the right path. It has surrounded me with professionals and the advice/support I’ve received is so beneficial. We all need guidance and reassurance and some help finding our direction. I’m so proud to be associated with LIMF.


What one album couldn’t you live without?

-That’s such a difficult question…probably Voodoo, D’angelo.

Voodoo D'Angelo

What is your one music guilty pleasure?

I don’t think it’s a ‘guilty pleasure’ as such but probably a little unexpected…I really have a soft spot for acts like Bob Seger and The Eagles and ZZ Top. Maybe I was a truck driver in a previous life?

ZZ Top

Give us your top 3 other local Liverpool musicians.

Esco Williams, Tosin Salako and Christina Malley.

Favourite place to party in Liverpool?

Wherever DJ 2Kind is playing 🙂  When I venture out I go out with good people and go where the music and vibe is cool.


Favourite place to wine & dine?

As long as the food is vegetarian and I’m not buying, we can go wherever you like 🙂


Favourite Liverpool hidden gem?

I’m not sure it’s ‘hidden’-it’s very popular…I forget the name but that whiskey house on Berry Street. I don’t drink but I love the music they play there.

(We think Amique means Berry & Rye)

Photo BarMagazine.Co.Uk

Photo BarMagazine.Co.Uk

What is next for Amique and how is 2016 shaping up?

Every day I give thanks. Life is fragile and I’m so grateful to be in the position I am. I live expectantly 🙂 I plan to release a new collection of songs this Spring entitled ‘We Don’t Do Things Like You Do (We Do Things As They Should Be Done). I can’t wait to share this new material. I’m feeling really positive and I’m full of gratitude. There are artistic directions I plan to go in this year that keep me awake with excitement. 🙂

lovesdesign davinci feb16

Check out Amique’s latest release ‘Love Design’ on his Bandcamp page. 

“The music explores the complexities of love, longing and loneliness in 3 Acts.”



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