The Old Stables plays host to designer fashion launch party

Shameless actress Tina Malone and Cheshire Housewife Dawn Ward were among the celebrities who turned up to support designer Jessica O’Shea at the launch of her latest fashion collection.

Watch all of the highlights on our video above.

The TV stars looked glamorous and gorgeous – Tina showing off her new slim figure after losing 12 stones and dropping nine dress sizes – as they celebrated the success of the Liverpool designer at a special She Shea Ladies Lunch held at the prestigious Allerton Manor Golf Club and The Old Stables restaurant.

And they were joined by fellow celebs including model and Ex On The Beach’s Sam Reece, Big Brother star Sallie Axl and Love Island stunner Katie Salmon.

The lunch, attended by more than a hundred fans of the 29-year-old from Woolton, was held to unveil highlights from Jessica’s new spring/summer 2017 designs for her exclusive She Shea label.

And she was delighted with the encouragement and praise for her latest collection.

“It was great to see so many people there to support me and view my new designs,” said Jessica. “It was a fabulous day and it left me feeling happy and more excited than ever.

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