These songs are stunning – Meet singer/ songwriter Robbie Cavanagh…

Last year we hosted the huge talent competition, the Best of Liverpool and one of the finalists was singer, songwriter Robbie Cavanagh. He impressed us that much we had to share the love and get him on The Guide Liverpool for you too. Ellie met up with him at Bay TV HQ and got two stunning performances from him.

Robbie is a country, folk singer who takes influence from artists like Damien Rice & Cat Stevens and he released his debut album ‘State of Maine’ to critical acclaim in 2014. With gig after gig planned for 2016 including a performance at the upcoming Liverpool Acoustic Festival in March, things are looking bright for certainly one of the best voices we have had on The Guide Liverpool.

More info on this years Liverpool Acoustic Festival here.

Download Robbie’s album ‘State of Maine’ from ITunes here.

He¬†performed two tracks for us all filmed at the Bay TV studios. First up is a song from ‘State of Maine’ it’s called ‘Untitled’.

Next up is Robbie’s new track, released on February 29th this is an exclusive performance of ‘Which Way to New York’

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