Stories from Liverpool’s homeless in new exhibition

An exhibition of stories and photographs written by local homeless people will go on show this week. The project, run by The Story Arc CIC, aims to challenge the perceptions of homelessness in Liverpool.

There seem to be more homeless people on the streets of Liverpool than ever, and over the summer months, a group from The Whitechapel Centre took part in writing and photography workshops to give them the chance to share their stories and show that becoming homeless could happen to any of us. Over the past few months we met people from all walks of life, who have all lost their homes and security through no fault of their own.

Liverpool is known for being a city of kindness and generosity, and by sharing these stories we hope that people will have more understanding towards homeless people and the issues they face.

Louise, who was part of the group shares her story on the project. “I was staying at the sit up at The Whitechapel Centre when Michelle from The Story Arc asked people to join her creative writing class. I didn’t think it was for me, but was surprised to find out I enjoyed it. It was interesting to find out people’s thoughts and experiences that got us all to this point, and in some ways very sad. I enjoyed the project and I found out that I was good at something.”

‘No Place Like Home’ takes place at The Everyman Theatre on Thursday 1st October from 2.30 onwards.

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