Valentine’s Day: 10 of the best 90’s Slow Jamz that will get you all loved up

Hey Lovers, it’s Valentine’s day and we’ve got a belting, slow jam playlist to keep you in the mood all day long.

We reckon the 90’s had it going on when it comes to love songs and we don’t need much of a reason to put 10 of our favourite old skool tracks together to make sure the valentine’s day vibe lasts longer than a bunch of garage bought roses!

Whether you’re just waking up, planning a lunch time quickie, or spending a romantic evening with the one you love, check out our top ten slow jamz playlist and prepare to get steamy!

1 – Boys II Men – I’ll Make Love to You

We’re starting strong. This 90’s boyband not only look good, they also sound like pure silk and when these guys smash out a ballad, it makes people fall in love! Boyz II Men want you to stay in bed this morning, click play to hear why!

2 – R Kelly – Bump n Grind

R Kelly’s iconic track is less about the sweet nothings and more about the action. You can’t even possibly begin to think about getting down if this jam isn’t on your playlist. The black workie hardhats and spotlights from the video are optional. Whatever floats your boat!

3 – LL Cool J – I Need Love

We’ve cheated a bit with this entry because it’s not quite a 90’s classic. Can you believe this legendary track was released in 1987!!! Still sounds fresh to death and LL Cool J can still put it down like a pro.

4 – Color Me Badd – I Wanna Sex You Up

Oh alright so it’s pure cheese and the video is actually hilarious but straight up, this former number 1 single spent three long weeks at the top of the charts in 1991. Whatever happened to Color Me Badd? We reckon they’re still randomly seducing women with their amazing 90’s suits!

5 – Usher – You Make Me Wanna

Oh Usher those eyes! Through the decades Usher has consistently penned tracks that have made us wanna fall in love……mainly with him, but we love this track for its booty shaking qualities if nothing else.

6 – Tamia – So Into You

This absolute classic is for those who are well and truly besotted with each other this valentine’s day. With a good beat and deep and meaningful lyrics, get your lip sync on this morning before you even think about getting out of bed.

7 – KC & Jojo – All My Life

Ahh that piano intro! We’re yet to find two fellas with more swag than K-Ci and JoJo and the raw emotion this track oozes will defo get you in the mood to do what you gotta do.

8 – Mariah Carey – Always Be My Baby

If there’s one track on this list that stays in your mind today, it’ll be this one. That catchy tune and super cute lyrics will have you smiling all day long (just don’t do yourself an injury trying to hit the high notes).

9 – Babyface – Every Time I Close My Eyes

This is the track to have a proper good smooch to this valentine’s day. The king of soulful lyrics, Babyface encourages you to revel in that beautiful warm feeling of being in lurve! Who said a night on the sofa has to be boring, turn this up, and get down.

10 – Janet Jackson – That’s The Way Love Goes

Like a moth to the flame, how can you not move to this essential 90’s slow jam? Such a good tune to get close to your very own hottie, turn the alarm off, snuggle down low and pretend its 1993.

We’d love to hear your old-skool slow jam recommendations this Valentine’s Day, what track would you add into our list? Tweet us @TheGuideLpool or email us so we can share the love on our socials (and have a dance around the office too).



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