10 Reasons to see Double Fantasy before 3rd November 2019

A worlds first. A ground breaking exhibition. Double Fantasy documents the life of Liverpool’s most famous son and the deep bond he shared with the woman he loved.

Since opening its doors in May 2018, Double Fantasy at Museum of Liverpool has welcomed thousands of visitors from around the world. Documenting the creative bond between John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Double Fantasy tells their story in their own words.

Packed with fascinating artefacts and exhibits, some of which have never been seen before, Double Fantasy proved so popular, its run was extended for an additional 10 months and will now close on 3rd November 2019. Free to attend, Double Fantasy takes an in-depth look at how John and Yoko expressed their love for each other through love, art, music and film.

The exhibition gives visitors a real insight into the relationship of an iconic couple who had the power to change the world.

Here’s 10 reasons to see Double Fantasy before 3rd November 2019….

1 – History in Modern Times

Double Fantasy showcases a historical story of John & Yoko’s coming together to create avante garde music and art but their message is still as relevant today. Peace.

2 – Lyrics

One of the most impressive exhibits in display at Double Fantasy has to be John’s handwritten lyrics. Happy Christmas – a song we all know the words so and belt out throughout December, are seen scrawled on a piece of paper in John’s distinctive handwriting. Just beautiful.

3 – Watch & Listen

Double Fantasy includes a number of videos of John & Yoko during their time together discussing activism and music. You can also watch the Imagine music video in full on the big screen. Don’t forget to leave your message of peace before you leave.

4 – Early Feminism

Yoko Ono has been involved in feminism for many years and before she met John in 1966. She was a driving force for changing John’s attitudes towards women. They shared a completely equal relationship, again something we can learn from in 2019. Double Fantasy shows just how much of an influence Yoko really is.

5 – Eternal Influencers

When John & Yoko got married in Germany, they invited the world press into their hotel room wedding. They used the opportunity to campaign for world peace. Stick that in your Love Island!

6 – Mr Kite

You can see the original vintage poster that John bought during time out from filming Strawberry Fields Forever. It famously went on to inspire the song ‘For The Benefit of Mr Kite’.

7 – All You Need is Love

Is there anything more romantic than seeing the very fabric of an iconic couple laid out in front of you? Get a little date day booked in with your better half and get some lessons in love from the pro’s.

8 – Yoko in Liverpool

The exhibition was opened by Yoko herself back in 2018 and with the unveiling she was quoted as saying: ” I am so happy and grateful that we are having our Double Fantasy – John & Yoko show in Liverpool. This is where John was born and I know John would be very happy too.

We were a very simple couple just loving each other every day and I just wanted to show the simple truth of us.

In our personal life we were pretty simple people, and we made all sorts of things with love for each other. Everything was made out of love. We found that we were both very strongly interested in world peace. I feel John and I are still working together. I always feel his warmth next to me.”

9 – The Feels

You can’t help but feel an emotional connection with Double Fantasy. If you’re a top Scouser, lover of The Beatles, John or Yoko individually, this story and all its parts culminate in one of the greatest creative unions in history.

10 – It’s Free

Entry into the Double Fantasy exhibition at Museum of Liverpool is free. Get yourself down to the waterfront and check out this unmissable exhibition before its too late. You’re guaranteed to learn something new.

To find out more about what’s on at Museum of Liverpool this Autumn, head to www.liverpoolmuseums.org.uk and follow @MuseumLiverpool for regular updates.



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