10 Reasons why the new Roxy Ball Room is a game changer

We all love Roxy Ball Room on College Lane, right? Well wait until you see the brand new 16,000 square foot site in the Cavern Quarter!

Bringing all the things we know and love about Roxy Ball Room – the great drinks deals, tasty bar food and plenty of beer pong, ping pong and shuffleboard, the new Rainford Square venue in the Cavern Quarter is loaded with new additions. We’re talking gaming for days!

Watch above as we speak with Roxy Ball Room’s GM Andrew Evans and get a sneak peak of the new site.

Set to open in Spring 2019 this 2 floor sister venue to Roxy Ball Room on College Lane, Liverpool ONE will bring a whole new ball game (literally) to the former BHS Café site. Expect all your fave indie and rock tunes, tasty bar snacks and more.

Here’s 10 reasons why Roxy Ball Room are set to change the game (and gaming) in Liverpool…

1 – Bowling

Roxy Ball Room will be showing off their pins this Spring with a 4-lane bowling alley. The first lanes in Liverpool city centre in donkeys, this give us the perfect excuse to get on our bowling shoes and strike a pose for Insta!

2 – Mini Golf

Get the gang together and make your way through 9 holes of mini golf! First one to sink a hole-in-one gets the round in…

3 – Ping Pong

A Roxy favourite that already has a home at the Hanover Street venue, expect even more tables to enjoy the game that was once know as Whiff Whaff. Seriously.

4 – Pool

An all-time barroom classic. Just make you agree on the rules before you start. Two shot carry is not a thing!

5 – Shuffleboard

Using a cue to move coloured disks across the giant playing surface, you’ll need to master the balance of offensive and defensive play to overcome your opponent in this addictive strategy game. Show us your disks!

6 – Arcade Games

Roxy will be filling every available inch of the new site with retro arcade games and amusement classics. We’re hoping for indoor basketball and loads of grab machines; they’re what £1 coins are designed for!

7 – Beer Pong

We all know how this works by now. Get a load of red cups, chuck some beer in (or prosecco) and do your best to stay sober by getting your balls wet.

8 – Live Sports

With a minimum of fifteen screens and two projectors, the new Roxy Ball Room will be a must visit for sport for all your live Sky Sports & BT Sports action.

9 – Bookable Areas

When it comes to booking a party, Roxy have got you boxed. Rather than just booking tables at the venue, you’ll be able to reserve your very own area complete with dedicated gaming tables just for you. This is a sure fire way to boost your popularity at the office!

10 – The Playlist

Forget the bowling, mini-golf, ping pong, shuffleboard etc. for a second. Roxy Ball Room is worth a visit for its rock and indie playlist alone. It’s that’s good, we’re still trying to copy it on to our office Spotify.

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