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100 Things You Need to Know About Student Life in Liverpool


Welcome to Liverpool! We want you to get the very best out of our beautiful city, so here at The Guide Liverpool we have got you 100 things you need to know before the freshers party commences, and the first official student hangover from Hell hits.


Prepare for the best years of your life by reading through our comprehensive guide to your ultimate student experience in Liverpool.

1 – Let’s start as we mean to go on, get yourself an NUS card and every other loyalty/point/freebie card you can get your broke-ass hands on! You’ll thank us come the days (or weeks) before your next loan instalment drops.

2 – Furnish your student digs on the cheap with cushions, candles and the odd cereal bowl from Wilko’s, Primark and everyone’s fave, Home & Bargain. Speaking of Home & Bargain. Never, EVER call this shop Home Bargains, because it carries a prison sentence and 100 lashes (not the good kind).

3 – We have more events, gigs & festivals than in any other city in the world. Sound City is a must and back in May 2017, LIMF is the biggest free music festival in Europe and returns in July. As well as that we have soul festivals, reggae festivals, food & drink festivals, film & fashion festivals, Arab arts festivals, Beatles festivals, new music and art festivals – basically we are obsessed with FESTIVALS and your diary is about to get VERY full.

4 –  A bus pass seems like a big spend early on, but unless you’re living in town you’re going to be spending a lot of time on the 86, 80A, 75 and 699, so get one!

5 – Get your SU/Guild wrist bands and go to EVERY fresher event going. The Chuckle Brothers, Lethal Bizzle and Geordie Shore are in town. What a time to be alive!



6 – Get your new housemates together and have a giggle at this years Liverpool Comedy Festival for two weeks of world class gigs.

7 – If you look like death after freshers you’ll fit right in for Halloween! We like to go all out here. Get your tickets for  Farmageddon and the Invisible wind factory voodou ball now.

8 – There’s more to the scouse music scene than The Beatles you know! Find your fave local artist at Liverpool Music Week taking place at loads of great venues across the city.

9 – Although saying that, you can’t live here and never go to The Cavern! Check out our Cavern Cam below.

10 – Discover the Baltic Triangle, a creative playground where all the cool people hang out. Bongo’s Bingo is a riot at Camp and Furnace, the Botanical Garden is a Summer oasis and the Baltic Bakehouse fresh bread will make you an instant fan!


11 – Concert Square is the place to be when you’re starting out in the city. Take full advantage of 241 drinks offers at  McCooleys, Walkabout and Modo.

The Guide Liverpool - Nightlife

MODO, Concert Square


12 – Just up the road (those cobbles are a killer in heels) is St Peter’s Square. Dont miss shots at Revolution, free Friday night BBQ’s at The Peacock and cocktails in fine china at Heebie Jeebies.

13 – Alright so it’s not all pints and prosecco (about 80/20 really) We bet you didn’t know we’ve got some amazing beaches and parks, perfect for picnics and sunbathing (3 days a year).

Formby Beach


14 –  Impress your folks by knowing where the tourist gems are: Queen Victoria monument (shes gorra’ willy) The Cavern and meet the Lord Mayor at the Town Hall.

15 – Right, back to clubbing. You surely must have heard of Medication? One of the biggest student parties in the UK is right on your doorstep – every Friday at Arts Club on Seel Street and it is AMAZING!

16 – Book a booth and have a blow out at award winning cocktail bar, Mojito/ Tequila and get your glam on for their online Photo Booth.

17 – From a VIP booth to a tiny table at Tokyou on Berry Street, indulge in some of Liverpool’s best noodles and the chance of a cab home just outside!

18 – St Luke’s Church, or The Bombed Out Church as it’s known locally, will be the Liverpool landmark you’ll remember most.

The Bombed Out Church

The Bombed Out Church


19 – Which leads us perfectly on to the best city-takeaway you’ll also come to love. Nabzys chicken burgers and red salt chips will line even the most ale-soaked stomach just enough to go to work on 3 hours sleep.

20-  You’ll know you’re on your arse when you cant even afford a Nabzys. But fear not, the legendary Koka noodles will tide you over. Head to Home & Bargain and stock upon these 4 for £1 little beauties.

21 – Box clever with your shopping bill. There’s more to life than ‘The’ Asda (and in Liverpool you have to say ‘The Asda’ – it’s the law), hit the plentiful butchers and supermarkets on Lodge Lane for fresher stuff that is way cheaper too.


22 – Speaking of boxing clever, our sexual health services are top class, find details for the city centre GUM clinics here and stay safe.

23 -Week before your student loan in due, ASDA Smithdown is rammed with savvy students around 3:45pm when everything is reduced in price. Stock that freezer up people!

24 – Guys and Girls get your barnets sorted with 20% student discount at Voodou hair salons. Men, women and colour specialists right in the heart of the city.


25 – And while you’re at it, get yourself a good brow and nail technician. You might snigger at scouse brows, but we bet you’ll be a convert by Christmas!

26 -Liverpool One is awash with discounts! From knickerbocker glorys to well……knickers! Shop, eat and drink (maybe not drink) til you drop in retail heaven. Sign up for their email updates here.

Liverpool ONE - The Guide Liverpool

Liverpool ONE


27 – You’re joining a city of trend-setters. Get your tickets for Liverpool Fashion Week AND the North West Fashion Festival and become a fully fledged frower!

28 – Less commercial and more bohemia-at-its-best, club together for a decent red wine on a Friday night at Keith’s on Lark Lane and watch the ensuing ebb and flow of L17’s most colourful characters.

Keiths, Lark Lane - Pic Credit to Liverpool Echo

Keiths, Lark Lane – Pic Credit to Liverpool Echo


29 – Or get away from it all in the oasis that is Festival Gardens and chill under the newly restored Japanese pagodas with a sunset over the Mersey.

30 – Looking for Mr Right? Check out top ten reasons to date a scouse lad. You wont be disappointed! Lads all our girls are hotties, you wont need convincing!

The Guide Liverpool

Steven Gerrard (The ultimate Scouse lad)


31 – Getting around our city and wider region is dead easy. From city bikes, to buses, trains and even ferries! Invest in a young persons rail card to save a shed load on going home at Christmas.

32 – And if all else fails, download the delta app. It’s a bit of a life-saver.


33 – Go play some vinyl at Jacaranda. One of the coolest (and oldest) bars in the city. Their jukebox is packed with a music library bigger than your student loan and upstairs they have a vinyl store where you can play your favourite records in your own booth. Plus The Beatles played there many moons ago!

34 -We’re a huge sporting city, get on board with the footy and get to a home game at least once.  The atmosphere at both Anfield, Goodison and Prenton Park is electric. First time at the match? Read our report from an Anfield Virgin here.

Anfield - LFC - The Guide James

35 – The best footy pubs: Yates Queens Sq, The Flute, McCooleys in Concert Square, Love & Rockets……in fact there’s not many bars that don’t show the match! Get involved.

36 – Uni library rammed at all hours of the day? Head to Central Library,  it has Costa Coffee and one of the most stunning views of the city. Oh and books, desks and wifi and stuff.

37 – Food for thought. Are you ready to be addicted to Scouse? Get yourself to Maggie May’s on Bold Street and ask for extra beetroot with your bowl of pure Liverpool for just £5. Also Global Scouse Day is back in 2017 and you need to get involved. Watch what happened this year below.

38 – The LGBT community is strong in our city, your first night out in the Stanley Street Quarter will be unforgettable. Follow the yellow brick road to a boss night out at Garlands, G Bar and The Masquerade.


39 – A Liverpool legend: The Blue Angel nightclub is known as ‘The Raz’. Never call it “The Blue Angel” as you’ll stand out as a meff


40 –  Learn what meff, boss, beaut, queg, lamp, quilt and kettled mean. You will be using them without even realising it within a month.

41 –  Dont worry if you dont pick up the lingo straight away though. Leave it to Korean Billy to give you a Master Class in scouse.


42 – Aintree. You have to go to ladies day, guys as well. The Grand National weekend will provide sights and sounds that you will never forget; for both good and bad.

43 – You’ll either love or hate The Krazy House. A stalwart of Wood Street sporting 4 floors, 3 bars and more stairs than a tanked-up student can manage, its the home of alternative nightlife.

44 – Cant afford a trip abroad? Course you cant, plus you’re too busy having fun here! Pretend you’re in Barcelona and dine under the stars at Esteban, Lark Lane or La Tasca, Queens Square tapas and paella all round!

45 – Walkabout on Concert Square is like a bit of a sit-off.  Free wifi, a mates-rates card, jager bombs for £1.75 and pints of Fosters £2. PLUS WIN A TRIP TO AUSSIE

46 – FACT Picturehouse is the perfect hangout for movie lovers. A lot cheaper (and more comfortable) than many of the big chains, popcorns not bad either!

47 – When the back yard starts resembling a landfill, check out for your bin collection dates and throw the binnies a few quid to deal with the can mountain before the neighbours ring environmental health.

The Guide Liverpool - FACT Psych Fest

48 –  Moving to Liverpool comes with a media-spun warning about crime. Fact, Liverpool is a big city, there’s some dodgy people about, but no more than anywhere else. So keep your head screwed on and look after your mates, you’ll be sound.

49 – Pimp that CV up and sign up to raise some much needed funds for our local charities. From fancy dress bucket-shaking to sponsored colour runs, do something good.

50 – Welcome Week at Liverpool Uni looks boss, Cascada, Clean Cut Kid and Professor Green. Get wristbands here.

Clean Cut Kid

Clean Cut Kid


51 –  Join a local sports club, NOT just your university side. This will open you up to a whole different group of Scouse mates, you’ll visit loads of places not on the university radar.

52 – Haggle yourself a hangover at the north of the city centre. Bar CA’VA – Tequila chilli shots are a must!

53 – Followed by cooling pinacolada tackyness at Aloha where volcanoes and flower lays are as standard… its boss.


54 – The Peacock, St Peter’s Square hosts a free Friday night BBQ and house music, in the red room. Great atmosphere here all year round.

55 – THE FONT! Some of the best low-key affordable entertainment the bars have to offer, and the strangest looking shots (as you can see below!) Check out Font Bar Liverpool for more. Mario-kart anyone?


56 – Rack em up at The Flute Hardman Street, pool, burgers and loads of drinks offers. Perfect after uni hang-out.

53 – That said, DONT stick to one area. Get out there. Live a little. Try bars all over the place. It’s easy to get stuck on Slater Street and Seel Street and then wonder after three years why you only know a tiny part of this amazing city.

54 – Liverpool Student Union website is the fountain of all knowledge, from emotional support to rating your landlord and joining clubs and societies.

55 – And they’re hosting a POKEMON TOUR on Sept 29th, dont grow up….it’s a trap! More info here.

56 – When you’ve caught them all, head to Constellations Sounds Familiar Music Quiz Sep 30th to test your old school film/music knowledge with your new found mates.

Constellations Courtyard

Constellations Courtyard

57 – Sport doesn’t just mean footy here, why not have a crack at Park Run, The Santa Dash or push yourself and own the Tunnel 10k to claim your medal on New Brighton promenade!

58 – While you’re over the Mersey, discover the stunning natural beauty of the Wirral. Stretch your legs out with a wander round West Kirby or Marine Point. Find out more here.

59 – Swerve B&Q and find your nearest Taskers DIY store to avoid losing your house deposit when you’re about to move out. Replace all broken doors and repaint all filthy walls with stuff from there, well cheap.

61 – Level just behind Concert Square provides the perfect place to party. With celeb guest appearances and the UK’s finest DJ’s often in attendance there is always a reason to visit. So much coming up, just like their facebook page for more info


62 – In addition to your charity work, you could gain valuable experience and have a ball volunteering. From music and sporting events to working with local kids and animals! More here

63 – Knowing where your local launderette is could come in handy 1. If you pull and 2. If your parents visit unexpectedly. Don’t upset your mum, get your wash on here.

64 – When mum and dad do visit, get them to take you to Woolton for a meal. They’ll be paying, not you (plus mum will be astonished that Liverpool is actually gorgeous and nothing like the media portrays). Liberty Tavern & The Elephant are a must.

Liberty Tavern in Woolton Village

Liberty Tavern in Woolton Village


65 – Your scouse mate’s families will adopt you. Prepare to be welcomed into the fold and called Queen or Lad from the first time you call round.

66 – You’ll love our parks. Sefton Park is the PERFECT place to get away from rowing housemates, jagerbombs and revision. Luscious greenery awaits you here.

Sefton Park

Sefton Park


67 –  The Augustus John on the UoL campus is one of the best little hidden pubs in the city. Try the cider selection; it’s awesome!

68 – Slater’s on Slater St. will serve you a ‘Quaddy Voddy’ that is so cheap, so strong and so awesome that you’ll immediately invite mates from the rest of the country to come and sample one. Or three. (Best make it one).

69 –  If you’re living on Picton Road, rather than Smithdown, drink in the Edinburgh – it is a superb little boozer hidden away from the real world.

70 – Ditto in town, Peter Kavanagh’s is the pub to take your dad when he wants to step back in time.

71 – Christmas in the City is immense! Late night shopping kicks in mid-November and we go all out with the lights, decorations, trees and panto’s! You wont wanna go home! Watch our inside loook at how the city prepared for last Christmas below.

72 –  In fact, don’t go home at Christmas at all. Why bother? Nowhere beats a Scouse Christmas night out. Late night shopping always leads to a few pints in The Lime Kiln on Concert Square anyway!

73 -No December is complete without seeing the city lit up from the big wheel om the Albert Dock. Students get a reduced ticket price so start your xmas night out with a spin!
Albert Dock

Albert Dock aerial view

74 – Fancy a free music festival in your neck of the woods? The Smithdown Road Festival hits…Smithdown Road on Saturday 24th September bringing you the ultimate student party with over 100 acts. Get them on Facebook for more info.

75 – NUS card holders get 25% off at Domino’s. Enough said.
76 – And 40% off food at Zizzi. Mega
77 – If you’re heading back to the city to see the New Year in with your housemates, you can full on rave into 2017! Tickets go on sale the minute the Halloween decs came down. Keep your eyes peeled!

Fitness Awards - JD Gym Liverpool

78 – We’re mad into fitness here, from military boot camps in the park to roller-blading down at Otterspool. Looking buff at uni has never been so fun! NUS card holders get discounted memberships too!
79 – And while we’re on health and wellbeing, yoga is huge in the city at the mo, you can even learn it from a Hollyoaks star. Take time out to work on your mindfulness at the Japanese walled garden at Calderstones park is a little haven.
80 – We don’t need to tell you we’re an imagine conscious city. Scousebrow….check…….shellac….check…..tan…..check, now get yourself into Superdrug for some velcro rollers and you’re practically a local!

The Brow Club-7 (1)

81 – Liverpool and labels go together like gin & tonic, but on a student budget you’d be better off scouring our wealth of charity shops for a designer bargain. Check out our Viveinne Westwood find here.

Shopping - The guide liverpool

82 – You might have noticed the giant, yellow weird-dog looking thing on Tithebarn Street if you’re a regular at the Avril Robarts Library. Its our Superlambanana. Something to do with Capital of Culture….???

It’s called a SUPER-LAMB-ANANA


83 – When it comes around to March/April time and you actually start studying, stock up on awesome stationery from Utility at Liverpool One and Bold Street. Its so pretty, which is a good excuse to not write on it!
84 – WE have one of the best arena’s in the country, perfectly located on our beautiful waterfront. They have a list of musical heavyweight’s on the way to provide you with your perfect first year soundtrack. Craig David, Olly Murs, Richard Ashcroft, Courteeners and Jess Glynne all have gigs booked. Check out for more. You can buy all of your Echo Arena tickets right hereon The Guide Liverpool.
Echo Arena

Echo Arena turns 10 in 2018

85 – Bring your sense of humour, if we can take the p*ss out of you can you take it and give it back, you’re gonna fit right in.


86 – Blitzed your student loan and need a job? We love creative people so get that CV printed off (thats obvs what printer credit is for, right?) and go wow recruiters at the job fairs!
87 – Steve’s Chippy in Aigburth Vale, and Chris’ Chippy on Rose Lane will be the saviour of hangovers if you live at Carnatic Halls.
88 – The cash machine at Carnatic dispenses £5 notes. Handy on those ‘aww-sh*t-I’m-broke’ days.

89 –  Similarly, if you live at North Western Halls, on Lime Street you’ll come to love the convenience of Burger King in the station. Stumbling distance greasy carbs!
90 – People will talk to you on the bus/train, this isn’t London. Refer to your Scouse lingo training to understand what the hell people are taking about, or just nod and smile.
91 –  Pride is a huge deal. The parade alone shuts down roads through the city centre ad is one huge big rainbow party. 80’s pop sensation, Sonia headlined this year!
92 – Parades don’t come much bigger, or louder than Brazillica. It will be bringing Rio back to Liverpool in 2017 – get the samba classes booked.
93 – Halloween is on the way and Capital Liverpool have the perfect party for you. On Thursday 27th September they bring the Monster Mash to the Liverpool Guild of Students, with Sigma, Martin Solveig, Kungs and Liverpool’s very own Anton Powers.


94 – Talking Halloween bashes, there is one Hell of a party coming to Bramley- Moore Dock on Saturday 19th October. Vevo bring their Halloween gig to the city, and with it comes Jack Garret, Aurora, Blossoms and more.
95 – What’s behind the Red Door? A whole lot of fun that’s what! Red Door Liverpool is the perfect place to spend an afternoon (whilst sagging off lectures) or a Saturday night at the end of a busy week (drinking). Situated on Berry Street, their rooftop terrace is also a must!
96 – You have to go and explore our beautiful Albert Dock. It is full of bars, restaurants, shops and attractions including the Beatles Story and Maritime Museum. But as well as that the views across the Mersey are stunning (and the shots at Revolution aren’t to bad either!)
The Guide Liverpool
 97 – Get your head in the clouds by going 475 feet above Liverpool to check out the amazing views from St John’s Beacon (or as we call it “the Radio City Tower”). Tours are daily, and you never know you might bump into Pete Price while you are there (for those who don’t know Pete is a bit of a Liverpool legend, listen to him of a night on Radio City 2 and you’ll hear why!)

Liverpool Light Night - St Johns Beacon - The Guide Liverpool

98 – Yes we have spoken about bars we know, BUT we can’t stress enough how incredible some of our bars in the city are. Check out The Alchemist, Berry & Rye, Jenny’s Bar, the Clubhouse in Liverpool ONE, Tavern on the Green, the new Kaiserkeller and District House. Just some of our fancy venues. Plus there are lots more on the way including Sugar Hut’s arrival in Liverpool and the ultra trendy Neighbourhood Liverpool which opens in November.
99 – We are a dramatic bunch here in Liverpool and we love our theatre, whether it’s Shakespeare at the Playhouse, a touring musical at the Empire or a good old Scouse comedy at the Royal Court you are spoiled for choice!
100 – Stick with us! The Guide Liverpool is your ultimate resource to life in the best city in the world. We bring you regular updates as to what is happening in music, entertainment, nightlife, lifestyle & more. You can get your tickets for all the biggest gigs and attractions here, and we even give stuff away for free too. Follow us on twitter @TheGuideLpool and give us like on facebook.
Liverpool Waterfront - Mersey Sunset - The Guide Liverpool

Just get out there and see for yourself, there is so much to do and so much to experience. We can sit here writing lists that go on and on and on – but it’s down to you to explore and see Liverpool for what it is yourself – BOSS!


From all of us here at The Guide Liverpool



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