12 Scouse words and phrases that will never get old

Listen right, we’re not being funny but if youse don’t know dese scouse werds you must be a wool or suttin.

If you take the time to listen to visitors to our fair city, or read the thousands of TripAdvisor reviews of Liverpool bars, hotels, restaurants, match-day atmosphere and the like, the overriding response is a genuine love for our ‘have a laugh’ attitude towards life…once you’ve worked out what the hell we’re saying!

The Scouse accent can be as ‘tick’ as mud or just a slight twang depending on where in Merseyside you live and as the English language continues to evolve with new words, Liverpool will always put its on stamp on them. Sound lad!

We love asking Liverpool tourists to have a go at our accent and we’re proper proud to send them home with an ‘Is Right lad’, even after just one day. From the tour guides to the women in the chippy and the cabbies, we’re keeping it scouse.

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