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Our favourite celebrity appearances of 2015

We’ve had some amazing celebrity appearances in 2015!

So 2015 is nearly over. Hope you’ve had a good one and a big happy new year from all of us at We love shouting about music, events, style, nightlife, and food and drink and plenty more, but of course Liverpool is famous for it’s famous people. These are some of our favourite celebrities that we have spoken to on the show in the last 12 months.


Ricky Tomlinson

Ellie Phillips quizzed Ricky Tomlinson prior to his appearance at St Gorges Hall In Conversation with Ricky Tomlinson back in March.



Kim Catrall

We chatted to Sex and the City’s Kim Catrall after she won International Art Icon at the Collective Honours 2014.




Ross Noble

We caught up with Ross Noble on the Empire Theatre stage, where he was set to appear in The Producers.




Spandau Ballet

Spandau Ballet got challenged to a round of Celebrity Scouser by Jay Hynd at the Echo Arena.




Rebecca Ferguson

Jay Hynd and Ellie Phillips got an exclusive interview backstage at the International Mersey River Festival 2015, with headline artist Rebecca Ferguson.





We talked with Ryan, Andy, Joel and Adam from Lawson, backstage at With Love From Liverpool at the Echo Arena.




John Bishop

Also backstage of With Love From Liverpool, we caught up with the legendary John Bishop at the Echo Arena



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