5 Horrid Halloween Attractions in Merseyside

Merseyside is home to some of the spookiest, most frightful and monstrous attractions this side of Transylvania, and no we aren’t talking about Mathew Street at 3am on a Saturday nigh. We have actually got some of the scariest and most sinister Halloween crowd pleasers in the country.

From spooky walking tours to ghastly horror mazes with all sorts of hideous beasts waiting to pounce, we have lots to do over these dark & eerie October nights.  If you are a bit of a wuss and prefer to stick to carving pumpkins and dipping apples in toffee over Halloween, then look away now. We have put together your definitive guide to the most spine-tingly scary, gruseome and evil attractions our area has to offer this ‘All Hallows’ Eve’ season.


Shiverpool The Guide Liverpool

The message is simple – ‘they scare because they care’. Shiverpool celebrates 10 years of spooktacular walking tours this year, and we guarantee these tours are here to stay. They bring some of the most famous Liverpool ghost stories back to life and they do it brilliantly, not only giving you a bit of a history lesson as you walk the streets of our eerie city, but also add in that scare factor with lots of giggles and fun too. Tonnes on offer over the coming weeks, and in fact throughout the year. To us this is the perfect way to celebrate all that is spooky about our city. and the perfect Halloween attraction. Trust they do scare, and they do care.

Check out Shiverpool here


The Creep – Fort Feat, Perch Rock – New Brighton

The Creep - The Guide Liverpool

‘There’s a killer on the loose. His victims are stolen from where they lay, unsuspecting into the night. Are you ready to become part of his grotesque masterpiece? Be happy in the skin you’re in… Because it wont be yours for long…’

Now even reading that makes you never want to leave the comfort of your own home again, but this theatrical show has now become a bit of a ‘must see’ on Merseyside during these dark and menacing nights leading up to Halloween. The perfect setting for this is Fort Perch Rock in New Brighton Promenade. 20 actors will be performing, along with a host of special effects. This walk through interactive show makes you part of the Halloween action and brings a horrifying true story back to life before your unnerving eyes. Lots of shows throughout the next few weeks, but book early or you might miss out.

More info on The Creep right here



Farmaggedon - The Guide Liverpool

Apart from Hell, there really is no place like Farmaggedon!

It has got to be one of the most frightful and creepy places on the planet, most definitely up there as the scariest place on Merseyside. Just as you think it can’t get any more sinister, other zones and other monstrosities are added each year. This year it’s all about the added bonus of being able to fire paint balls at some pretty evil looking zombies. So after being tormented by all manner of beasts including axe throwing pigs and deadly virus contaminating creatures, you can now get your own back afterwards. Trust us when we say though if you are of a faint heart, and your trainees aren’t particularly fast, then stay clear. Also take a nappy, and a good one at that! As always you need to get booking now if you want to get there, as it sells out fast! Enter if you dare.

We were there a couple of weeks ago and we were killed in action whilst filming for The Guide Liverpool, luckily a stiff drink afterwards managed to bring us back to life. Watch our video below.

This is what happened when we went to Farmaggedon 🙁


Shocktober, St George’s Hall, Catacombs

St George's Hall Shocktober - The Guide Liverpool

For a scare-fest like no other this Halloween, take a journey of unimaginable terror as Liverpool Shocktober present Journey in to Hell at St George’s Hall between Thu 23 Oct – Sat 25 Octand then again Wed 29 Oct – Fri 31 Oct. If you have never seen these famous catacombs then there is no better time than Halloween, they have got to be up there as the most eiry of places in the city. Based around the idea of Dante’s poem Inferno, Journey in to Hell is a terrifying interactive horror tour through the tombs of St George’s Hall. Those brave individuals that dare to attend will have their sanity tested and pushed to its limit, as they embark on a blazing psychological journey through the levels of hell – discovering which circle of hell their soul will reside at for all eternity. Participants will have their nerves shaken to the core as they prepare to meet their maker, waiting to greet them is the Grim Reaper himself – sent by Lucifer to collect the souls of the sinners. Not for the faint hearted there will be plenty of gruesome scenes to scare the life out of all.

Tickets for Liverpool Shocktober


Scary movies at FACT, Picturehouse

A Nightmare on Elm Street - The Guide Liverpool

What’s your favourite scary movie? Well you have 5 good’ens to choose from in one of our favourite cinemas in the city.

What better way to scare yourself silly than with a proper horror movie classic. This Halloween FACT are showing 5 of the best spooky movies ever made. A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Shining are 3 movies that obviously have the ultimate scare factor, and what better way to watch them than in front of the big screen. But also family film Labrynth with David Bowie is being shown and Nosferatu, made in 1922, is a classic horror movie that has inspired and scared generations of filmmakers and audiences.

Details on Halloween at FACT Picturehouse


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