5 of our Favourite Scouse Celebs on The Guide Liverpool

Liverpool is famous for producing stars of all shapes and sizes. Whether it be soap stars, comedians, musicians or Hollywood actors, this city is up there when it comes to celebrity making. We have chosen 5 of our favourite scouse celebs who have appeared on The Guide Liverpool over the past 12 months. Check out the interviews below…


Rebecca Ferguson

Rebecca Ferguson - The Guide Liverpool

She made a name for herself on The X Factor 2010 but since them stunning Saturday night performances she has conquered not only the UK, but also made a name for herself across the globe and in the States too, and her success has nothing to do with Mr Cowell and co. Rebecca Ferguson has established herself as one of the countries finest singer/ songwriters, and one of Liverpool’s crown musical jewels. She headlined the Mersey River Festival back in June and we caught up with her backstage after her amazing performance to grill her about what’s next, and how it feels to perform to a scouse crowd.

WATCH Rebecca Ferguson tells us about her new album and more


John Bishop

John Bishop - The Guide Liverpool

Now one of the countries most successful and funniest comedians, hailing from right here in Liverpool (via Runcorn) John has mastered his comedy routine and sold out arenas across the country. As well as that he made a name for himself as an actor, TV presenter and a huge charity fundraiser, stacking up a massive 4.2 million pounds for his Sports Relief work. Not only a super talented guy, but surely one of the nicest blokes on the telly. We had a good chat & giggle with him backstage at the Echo Arena for the With Love From Liverpool gig in September.

WATCH John Bishop tells us about his next project, and it involves GORILLAS


Kim Cattrall

Kim Cattrall - The Guide Liverpool

OK so this Hollywood superstar only actually lived in Liverpool for the first three years of her life. Born in Mossley Hill, Kim Cattrall moved to Canada at the age of 3, but since then  she really has claimed Liverpool as her second home. Visiting for LFC games, performing at The Playhouse in Cleopatra and getting behind the Sefton Park Meadows Campaign. The Golden Globe winner was back in her ‘home’ town last November receiving a Collective Honour Award at the Titanic Hotel. Jay met her and asked her about her love for Liverpool, her scouse talking mum and her passion for LFC.

WATCH Sex in the City’s Kim Cattrall talking all things Liverpool


Ricky Tomlinson

Ricky Tomlinson - The Guide Liverpool

We have national treasures, and surely Ricky is up there, but we like to think him as one of Liverpool’s best loved local treasures. He has done everything and played every character in the actor’s handbook. Bobby Grant in Brookie, Charlie Wise in Cracker and of course Jim Royale. Ellie spoke to him at St George’s Hall about his amazing career and gave him a little test to find out if her really knew the characters he has played in ‘who’s ricky is it anyway’

WATCH Ellie quizzes Ricky Tommo on the characters he has played


Claire Sweeney

Claire Sweeney - The Guide Liverpool

One of the most down to earth and humble celebs we have met, currently juggling her life on the stage, screen and radio with being a new Mum. Claire spoke to Ellie about how it’s all going whilst she was also producing and appearing in her own show ‘Sex in Surburbia’ at the Floral.

WATCH Claire Sweeney at the Floral Pavilion, New Brighton

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