5 Things You can Expect from The Full Monty at the Liverpool Empire

By Alex Dop

Yes ok we know what you are thinking and we know what five things most people would expect from The Full Monty, but trust us there is a lot more to the show than just that…

The 1997 classic comedy took to the stage in 2013 and has never looked back. It can be hard to bring something that is so successful in one medium, to another, however this play does it effortlessly, possibly down to the fact that the films creator, Simon Beaufoy, is a screenwriter for the production. If you’re reading this then you obviously know what to expect from the film, but what can you expect from a night at the theatre with Gaz and his pals?

Let me bear all, below…



From the cast on stage and the crowd off! Prepare for plenty of swearing, cheering and shouting. Although the play isn’t as interactive as the likes of The Rocky Horror Show, you still get a few chances to shout out your favourite film quotes. The raunchiness of the show seemed to get everybody excited, making the atmosphere perfect for a working class comedy coupled with copious amounts of cursing.

One particular urination scene comes mind…




When watching something like this it is hard not to compare it to the first, cult incarnation, something that I was worried about. However, rather than spend the whole time comparing the two, I found myself with a cheesy grin stuck to my face throughout. The affection that more than one generation has for the story, especially ‘ere up north, is so great that the film enhances the play, rather than over shadows it.




I mean, come on, it is called The Full Monty! There are even notices as you enter, warning you about the nudity. If you were going, not expecting that, then what were you expecting? There’s plenty to woop and jeer, whether it be naked top halves or bear bottom halves (male and female). Again, a particular urination scene comes to mind.


Famous Faces


Our main hero, Gaz, is played by Eastenders and The Bill star, Gary Lucy. Chris Fountain of Hollyoaks plays Guy, whilst Liverpool’s own Louis Emerick plays Horse. Of course Mike Jonno in Brookie, as well as the British gangster flick, Layer Cake, alongside the likes of Daniel Craig, Tom Hardy and Michael Gambon!

Liverpool's Louis Emerick

Liverpool’s Louis Emerick




To the credit of the story, The Full Monty still has political poignancy today. The Sheffield based script tells the tale of these unfortunate working class men, forced out of work by Maggy Thatcher’s government. In year in which we saw Brexit, an unelected Conservative Prime Minister and the NHS sink deeper in to the quick sand in which it has been dropped, the underlying socio-political message rings true, almost 20 years later. You can relate to the characters in their hard times, just as much now as my parents could, watching it for the first time.

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