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5 Upcoming Shows In Liverpool To Make You Dance, Cry, Think and Laugh!

Every fortnight The Guide picks out the best shows in theatre and comedy coming to Liverpool in the weeks ahead. We want to let you know not only about the big production shows but the events which will give you something unexpected. This time we’ve got the Fab Four, war, comedy and witchcraft – something for everyone!

Let It Be

Royal Court, until 14th November

The Guide Liverpool - Let It Be

This popular West End production is sure to be a hit in this city. A wonderful primer to the Four Lads Who Shook The World’s back catalogue, Let It Be packs in over 40 Beatles hits from the bubblegum pop of She Loves You to the more mind-expanding tracks of their later career including Strawberry Fields and Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. The show comes home after wowing crowds around the world.

The Accrington Pals

Lantern Theatre, 22nd-24th October

Theatre The Guide Liverpool

This production from Peter Whelan puts across the true bleakness and horrors of the First World War and its effects on the Lancashire mill towns of the time. The play includes comic vignettes but focusses mainly on harrowing reality of the Battle of the Somme and how back in the UK, patriotic jingoism was giving way to desperation.

On The Verge: One to One

Unity Theatre, 22nd-25th October

The Guide Liverpool - One The Verge

Part of the grass root arts and theatre festival On The Verge, these One To One performances do exactly what they say on the tin. One member of the audience is performed to by one performer in an unusual setting. UandInal is a piece about the progression of same sex unions, Drive By is the journey of someone’s life as told from behind the wheel of a car and Forgiveness From The ‘Arts gives audience members an opportunity to unburden their artistic sins. Be warned, tickets for these unique performances will sell out fast.

Hot Water Comedy Club: Boiling Point

Holiday Inn, 24th October

Holiday Inn Comedy

Liverpool’s busiest comedy club, Hot Water put on this often hilarious night at the Holiday Inn every week. This Saturday is sure to provide a great night out with comedian Will Duggan compering a bill of Simon King, Clayton Jones and Paul Smith headlines the event. At only £10 a ticket it’s a great night out packed with entertainment.

Jane Wenham: The Witch Of Walkern

Everyman Theatre, 27th-31st October

Everyman Theatre

The traditional witchhunt is revived in a Hertfordshire village when a tragic death is blamed on a local woman’s sorcery. Jane Wenham: The Witch of Walkern has been described as a ‘heady brew of sex and sorcery’ and a play which will explore the supernatural as well as society’s constant thirst for witches and scapegoats. As relevant now as ever.

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