6 Reasons why Santa is defo Scouse!

It’s official – Santa is a Scouser and we can prove it!

The fella in the big red suit who likes a bevvie and would give you the coat of his back, yep he’s defo scouse.
It’s our favourite time of year here at The Guide Liverpool office. We put our deccies up in November, we start caining the mince pies before Black Friday and we have a crack at visiting every grotto across the city before advent even kicks in. It’s safe to say we love everything about Christmas, especially Santa.
Whether you call him Father Christmas, Santa or St. Nick, we’ve done a bit of research and it turns out he’s a full blown Scouser! Who knew?!

Here’s 6 reasons why Santa is defo Scouse…..

He’s obviously a red for a start! He wears that beloved colour all year round with pride so it’s only a matter of time before a fur-lined third kit is released by the powers that be at Anfield, we’re sure. LFC for life!
He does love a bevvie. Think about it, if all the houses across the land are putting out a drop of whisky for him on Christmas Eve, he’s got to be absolutely bladdered by the time he gets home. Bet Mrs Claus is fewming.
He’s dead chatty. When you take the kids to go see Santa he loves a little gossip, asks what you’ve been up to, asks your Ma if you’ve been good enough to get presents, and asks if the chimney at yours is clean and generally has a little catch up with everyone. He’s decent like that, and like us will talk to anyone.
He likes a bit of a sit off. Alright so he’s got one of the most stressful jobs ever, delivered presents to every kid around the globe in 24 hours is a bit of a stressy role and so it’s only fair he has the whole rest of the year off. Apart from checking his list, once or twice, he likes to chill.
He’s generous, but only for people who deserve it. It’s well known that us Scousers are the most giving people on the planet, and Santa follows suit every year, but just like us, if you cross him, you’re on the naughty list!
He doesn’t miss a trick. Just like us, Santa gets on to everything! Not a single thing gets past his big bushy beard. He clocks who’s naughty, who’s nice and he’s boss at geography too.

For all the latest news on Christmas 2017 in Liverpool, and on where you can see the big man himself head this way. Ho Ho Ho!

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