8 Unmistakable Signs Your Mum is a Scouse Legend

It’s Mothers Day and all attention turns to just how amazing our scouse mums are.

Always there in our time of need, fiercely proud and can spot a bargain at 20 paces, there’s no one quite like them! Scouse mums love a glass of bubbly, a curly blow and a Michael Kors handbag – regardless of whether they’re 21 or 61. And don’t get us started on scouse nans……the glammest around, hands down!

We can’t wait to see the city restaurants, bars and clubs jam-packed with these amazing, inspirational, hilarious women having a ball today. Check out the ultimate mother’s Day Liverpool Bar crawl here. Whether you call her Mum, Mam, or yer Ma, here’s 8 sure-fire signs your mum is a Scouse legend.


1 – Scouse Mums are dead Funny

Scousers are known for our sense of humour and none more so than the witty women bringing up children. From the sitcom scripts of the late Carla Lane to the hilarious memes and one-liners from the mother of social media Scouse Bird Problems, the Mums of Liverpool know you need a bloody good sense of humour to handle Scouse kids!

2 – They Look Good

At the school gates or on date night, young or old, whatever shape or style, Scouse Mums make looking good look easy! They never miss a hair appointment, they love a bargain in the sales and the nail technicians in this city are like family, oh the stories they could tell! ‘Well I told ar’ Alan she’s a keeper that girl, they’ve been courting 14 months now, I’m buying an ‘at”

3 – They’re Hard Working

Whether graduating from one of Liverpool’s universities and colleges, putting in a shift in the city’s many, varied industries, or starting their own businesses, Scouse mums know all about hard graft! From trailblazing Denise Barrett-Baxendale MBE in the boardrooms of Goodison Park to the cup-cake makers, MUA’s and CEO’s, the motivated mums of Liverpool know how to sustain their families and set examples for their sons and daughters.

4 – They’re Fiercely Proud

Photo Credit: Paul Francis Cooper

Inheriting the same fighting spirit of mother-and-daughter social reformers Mary Bamber and Bessie Braddock, today’s Scouse mums know how to go toe-to-toe with injustice and adversity. The inspiring and relentless campaigns by the Hillsborough families including mums Margaret Aspinall and the late Anne Williams made all of Liverpool proud, while charities set up in honour of their sons by Denise Ferguson and Gee Walker continue to inspire us all.

5 – They Make The Best Scouse

Whether lamb or beef, hot out the pan or reheated the next day, generations of scousers have been reared on the eponymous dish. Often imitated but never replicated – even with the growing popularity of Global Scouse Day and recipes from some of the city’s finest eateries – nothing beats your Mum’s or Nan’s Scouse.

6 – They Dress Their Kids Well

From Angela’s in Bootle to Strawberry Childrenswear in Aigburth, and all the boutiques and high street stores in between – the mothers of Liverpool are known for dressing their kids well. Newborns or teens, boys or girls, and whatever your style: Scouse Mums make sure their children are well turned out from giant hair bows and accessories down to shoes and trainees. Christmas and Easter is when they really go to town on new outfits, but mums always make sure the kids of Liverpool look boss all year round.

7 – They Bring Up The Best Kids

Scouse Mums are behind each generation of children with hearts as big as Liverpool like the schoolchildren who donated their ‘Penny for the Guy’ money to a homeless man “…Because you’re saving up for a new house aren’t you mate”. It’s rare you’ll see a kid get off a bus without a friendly ‘Taa Driver’ and witnessing kids pulling their nan’s shopping trolley’s down Prescot Road Old Swan is as heart-warming now as 20 years ago.

8 – They Wear The Trousers 

Scouse Mums are the true head of the family even if Dads don’t admit it, and with a bit of luck after years of devoted service they get promoted to Nan – now you really don’t want to mess with them! If your Mum is all these things and more then click here to treat her this Mother’s Day with these amazing gift and experience ideas from restaurants, cocktails, afternoon tea and even the odd handbag to choose from!

Tell us why your mum is the best scouse mum around! Drop us a line on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and we’ll share your pics and tributes on our socials.

Written and compiled by Bella

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