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9 Quirky Christmas Tree Ideas to Get You in the Festive Mood

Not put your tree up yet? Looking for some festive inspiration, hold on to your baubles, we’ve got just the thing for you!

If you’re thinking about digging your Christmas tree out of the loft, or wandering down to the local fruit and veg shop or local farm to order your Norway Spruce, we’ve lined up 9 stunning Pinterest decoration ideas that might just inspire you to try a different look this winter.

Whether you prefer a traditional red and green affair, or a full on multi-coloured bauble spectacle, decorating your Christmas tree should be a fun, creative experience! Some go all out with the twinkly lights, a-la Liverpool One, while others prefer a bit of retro tinsel and a cracker or 12….and some even let their kids have a go (and then take all the decorations off the tree and start again when they’ve gone to bed!).

Whichever way you do it, check out these 9 Pinterest winter wonderland creations that could light up your living room this Christmas.

1 – Blue Ribband

Christmas Trees

How gorgeous is this ribbon look, simple yet effective?! And we reckon the bluenoses will appreciate the colour scheme too. You can pick up different coloured wired ribbon in loads of different high street stores like Poundland and Home & Bargain at the mo. Click here to check out the tutorial on how to wrap your Christmas tree like a boss!

2 – Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Christmas Trees

If like us you’ve got a little collection of random baubles from Christmas past, put them to good use in a ombre design this Christmas. Or if you’re starting from scratch, how good does this rainbow tree look? Glitter, high-shine and disco ball style decorations work great together to create this unique tree. Check out Inspired By Charm here for more info on how to do this yourself.

3 – Dress to Impress

Christmas Trees

One for the style lovers! Who said your Christmas tree has to look like an actual tree? This design was created by Chicago based designer Mannequin Madness and features a wired frame with frosted tree branches fixed on to make a beautiful strapless gown. Perfect for your Christmas night out! Our Kate is already in talks with a Liverpool florist to see about having a go at this herself! Watch out Stella MacCartney!

4 – Stairway to Presents

Christmas Trees

Sticking with the idea of a modern Christmas tree, how about using a random item to string your decorations from instead? Who’s have thought an old ladder could look so pretty? Now we’re not suggesting you rob your mums ironing board and start wrapping it in tinsel, but we’ve seen some amazing designs using old pallets, stripped-back doors and even a wheelbarrow! Check out WHOot for more inspiration here.

5 – Elf on the Shelf…….and in the tree!

Christmas Trees

Elf on the Shelf has become a winter tradition in thousands of homes across the country, and parents are going to extraordinary lengths to get their Elves into even more mischief! How about going all out this year and putting your naughty elves in your Christmas tree? This traditional colour scheme looks fab with a little pair of legs and pointy hat sticking out, and we reckon the kids would love it! For more elf-tastic ideas check out Crafty Morning here.

6 – When You Wish Upon A Star

Christmas Trees

We all love a bit of Disney magic, so why keep it wrapped up in the presents? Also a great storage solver, instead of trying to find space to store the kids toys before the big day, stick them in the tree instead!! If you’ve got a tonne of Disney soft toys (lets face it, who hasn’t) why not load your tree with all your fave characters and simply add a swathe of sparkly ribbon to tie it all together? You can buy additional Disney Christmas decorations in store and online here.

7 – The Dark Side of Christmas

Christmas Trees

One for the bigger kids maybe? Use up those 80’s fabulous multi-coloured lights and any colour baubles to re-create this awesome Darth Vader Christmas tree. There’s nothing we don’t like about it. Complete with light-sabre and mask, you’ll be the relative EVERYONE wants to visit for festive selfies galore. Check out Bored Panda for more ingenious designs here.

8 – All That Sparkles

Christmas Trees

Speaking of selfies, how utterly stunning is this swag design? You can keep your Christmas tree, we’re just as happy with an antique floor standing mirror and a garland loaded with diamonds and glass tear-drop baubles. Now that’s what we call a bit of glamour at Christmas time! Head to Front Gate to check out the most stunning decorations for inside and outside your home.

9 – Dreaming of a White Christmas

Christmas Trees

You can’t go wrong with a simple white design for your Christmas tree. It’s timeless, traditional and yet always looks super classy. We love this real tree laden with snow-drops, icicles, pine cones and burlap ribbons, with just a touch of gold to keep it looking warm. Ahhhhh! With presents wrapped in brown paper and tied with string, you could almost be in Lapland! You can check out this and tonnes of other traditional designs here.

We’d love to see your Christmas tree decorations this year, from the traditional to the completely wacky, send us your pics on twitter, @TheGuideLpool or if your workplace or school has an outstanding tree, send us the details and we might just come down for a nose!




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