9 things you only know if your kids go back to school in Liverpool

It’s nearly the start of the new school year, congrats parents you made it through summer!

It’s a pivotal moment in time for any parents, guardians or carers of school age children. If you’re sitting pretty with all your pencils in a row and uniforms ironed and ready, you can afford to chill…in fact check out our pay day weekend guide here and treat yourself.

But for those who’ve left it last minute, we’ve prepared a list of what you can expect when you hit the shops for the dreaded school uniform run.

Here’s 9 thing you only know if your kids go back to school in Liverpool next week….

1 – Walking up the stairs to the kids section in Clarks like you’re walking the green mile.

2 – Getting that same Clarks feeling when you drive past Laser on London Road knowing you will soon be joining that queue….in the rain.

3 – You’ve uttered the words ‘HOW MUCH?’, ‘You’ll grow into them’ and ‘You Don’t NEED a Smiggle pencil case’.

4 – Coming close to having a melt down because your baby boy is now a teenage lad and wears a size 11 shoe.

5 – You’re in one of two camps. The ‘Why did I leave everything til the last minute’ camp or the smug ‘Oh yeah I bought everything as soon as they broke up’ camp.

6 – Fuming in Marksies because they’ve moved the kids section AGAIN, adding more drama to the situation.

7 – Had a little reminisce at wearing Kickers back in the day. Those red and green dots were the beast!

8 – Watching your 8 year old kick off, full on sobbing because the Trolls lunch bag she wanted has sold out. FML

9 – Investing in 487 bobbles, hairbands, ribbons and bows in school colours despite knowing that come Christmas/Easter you wont have a single one left.

What back to school rituals do you have in your house? Tweet us @TheGuideLpool or email us and we’ll share the best on our socials.



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