A Cinema Lover’s Guide to May in Liverpool

Due to the early release of Avenger: Infinity War, the “summer movie season” has kicked off early and yes, you guessed it, the local cinema scene is more than prepared to keep up with the stars in providing its film fans with a feast of festivities this May.

14th May – Monday Movie Night – Silent Cinema Special, The Jacaranda

Silent Cinema is where it all started, and many still regard it as the purest version of the art form. The Jacaranda will be celebrating this type of flick this May with their Silent Cinema Special. Since the Monday Movie Night began at the famous venue and record store it has grown and grown, becoming one of the most consistent classic movie clubs in the city. This May also sees the Richard Curtis classic, Notting Hill, come to The Jac, but we wanted to give a special, silent shout out to this unique edition. Free popcorn, tequila and beanbags as usual. Tickets are just £4, so we don’t want to hear any excuses. 

14th May – Deaf Awareness Week: Short Film Showcase @ FACT

Head to FACT once again this month for something a little different. As part of Deaf Awareness Week they are putting on The Encounters Deaf Short Showcase, a bold, varied programme of short films from Deaf and hearing filmmakers, which presents a unique representation of the Deaf community in the 21st Century – including the Oscar winning short The Silent Child by Chris Overton. The shorts in this programme with dialogue or BSL are subtitled, so all are welcome. Get down and show your support whilst glimpsing into a world that may be completely new to you. Book in for the experience here. 

Blockbuster Films and Limited Edition Movie Posters at ODEON 

May is official the start of summer as far as the Box Office is concerned and we are treated to two titans of the cinematic world. The second Star Wars spin off is release, Solo: A Star Wars Story, as well as the April Marvel release of Avengers: Infinity War. We tell you this not only because you HAVE to see these films, but because ODEON Liverpool are giving away free, limited edition Marvel posters in celebration of the new super installment. There are 5 fans posters released at various points with the initial, April release showcasing Iron Man and the Guardians of the Galaxy gang. All you have to do is book now and head to your local cinema to collect your Captain America, Hulk or Thanos, limited edition movie posters. Book here.

17th May – Damn Busters at 75: Live from The Albert Hall, FACT

FACT is always on the cutting edge of innovation and this May is no different as they screen, Dam Busters at 75: Live from The Albert Hall. Live at the Royal Albert Hall, Dan Snow is joined on stage by the Glenn Miller Orchestra plus special guests including family members of both Dam Busters crew and the film’s director Michael Anderson, historian Paul Beaver and Professor Hugh Hunt as they explore the history of the iconic raid and how it led to the making of a classic British film. The audience will include former members of the iconic 617 Squadron as well as current members of the Royal Air Force. Also witness an on stage ‘bouncing bomb’ experiment as we reflect on the science behind Barnes Wallis’ invention. This section will end with a stirring rendition of The Dam Busters March by the Glenn Miller Orchestra. This will be followed by, of course, a screen of Dam Buster itself. Tickets available here.

24th May – Vertigo With The Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, The Philharmonic Hall

In a poll taken from 846 film critics was taken by the British Film Institute last year, Vertigo topped the list, out running the usual champion, Citizen Kane by just 44 votes. When the Philharmonic Hall host their ‘classic films accompanied by the orchestra’, it is always a big deal, but this just feels different, this feels extra special. The venue is iconic, the director is iconic, the film is iconic and the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra is, you guessed it, iconic. Watching this incredible classic accompanied by a live, full orchestra will be like nothing else you’ve ever seen or heard. Get your tickets now.

25th May – Asian Dub Foundation x La Haine with Live Soundtrack, Invisible Wind Factory

We’ve written about the fabulous work that the Philharmonic Orchestra do when providing the live soundtrack to a film, but now we’re bringing that concept well and truly into the 21st Century. Asian Dub Foundation take to the stage at Invisible Wind Factory to celebrate cult film “La Haine” with an exclusive live soundtrack set. This incredible live show brings on stage a reinterpretation of the original soundtrack played by the band while the politically driven French art-house film that has reached number 32 in Empire magazines 100 Best Films of World Cinema. If you prefer the contemporary sound to the classical, then this is this months pick for you. Grab your tickets now. 

From 1958 to 2018, there is 60 years worth of cinema to be seen in one month, so make sure that you get your tickets early and tell us about what you’re looking forward to in the gran world of cinema this year on alex@theguideliverpool.com. \

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