A Movie Lover’s Guide to June in Liverpool

The summer movie season has begun with all the big summer blockbusters smashing their way to our screens.

However, sitting in a dark room when the weather is only getting better (we hope) seems like the wrong thing to be doing, doesn’t it? Well, our wonderfully creative businesses and promoters are giving us ample reason still indulging in cinema this summer. 

On Air

Located in what was once the Home Alone Bar, within Cain’s Brewery is On Air, a TV and film studio themed cocktail bar and venue. The team behind Ghetto Golf and the Christmas favourite that was the Home Alone bar, treat punters to drink in what feels like a real studio with 60ft high film set, memorabilia and even red recording lights as you lock the toilet doors. Located right next door to Ghetto Golf and The Peaky Blinders Bar, On Air and its innovative ideas slot right in to what is a thriving, ever growing cultural area of the city. 

Reel Tours

We are a city of film. We might not show it as much as we do with music or sport, but we are. Hollywood, and the UK film & TV industry, have used our shores and streets to tell their stories on screen. Reel Tours now offer a walking tour that uncovers this seemingly secret cinema history on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year. You’ll find out why Tom Hardy loves Liverpool so much, how our streets were transformed to being New York, London, Moscow and that’s just scratching the surface as over 280 film and TV projects were shot in Liverpool, including parts of the Harry Potter and Marvel Universes, The Fast and The Furious and, of course, Peak ‘effin’ Blinders. Tours start at around £15 and are available here. 

Monday Movie Club @ The Jacaranda

It wouldn’t be a proper Cinema Guide if we didn’t tell you about the most recent, underground screenings that the iconic Jacaranda are putting on this month. Settle into the beanbags, with free popcorn and tequila to enjoy two, very different offerings this June. The first celebrates the 40-year anniversary of the hit musical, Grease on 11th June. The second is a less greasy, much dirtier affair, with Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry being shown on the 25th. 

Rooftop Cinema @ HUS

Located in the business district of the city, HUS, sometimes goes under the radar, especially when it comes to cinema. In fact, this is the first film festivity that we’ve heard about from the Tithebarn Street bar/restaurant. And, what a way to start things off – with a summer screening series; the skyline rooftop cinema party (try saying that with a mouthful of popcorn)! Kicking off on Saturday 9th June, we’re being promised free popcorn, cocktails, a sunset and even a SAXAPHONE for the evening…oh and a film, of course, starting promptly at 10:30pm. Get your tickets here to find out more information on what films will be screened this month and for future screenings. 

John Williams at the Oscars

This last one is something special, as you can tell by the “limited” ticket banner all over the website. John Williams is one of, if not the, most iconic film composers in history. With Star Wars, Jaws, Home Alone, Indianna Jones and almost any classic that you can think of under his belt, it’s no wonder that he has some many soundtracks to perform on a night that purely celebrates his Oscar nominations. With over 50 nominations, no composer is more decorated than him by the Academy, and that is to be celebrated by our very own, fabulous Philharmonic Orchestra. It’s the blockbuster event of the month all happening on the 30th June, so get those LIMITED tickets now. 

We love to hear from you, what movies are you looking forward to seeing, and if there anything else we should be shouting about? Email me alex@theguideliverpool.com. Or you can get us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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