Travel: A Scouser in the Phillipines

By Jon Lines


“I am going on Holiday”, the words we have all heard, thousands of times as we listen through gritted teeth to their self-indulging retelling of how they came to booking this expedition. “I just need it you know” or “I deserve this” when I know full well the most amount of work they have done this year is the drunken stumbles of a late night regrets through Liverpool One.

Manila City Night

Well now is my time “I am going on Holiday” Where you ask “The Philippines” I reply “Oh…..Why” there response. Since I booked my breakout vacation with my partner those same responses have always greeted me. I wondered why, had I booked a trip to a place ran by some tyrannical dictator or maybe I would be staying in some mud hut out ways in the desert. “Why not” is what I say, the Far East has lots to offer and I want to experience it all. It’s not just discovering another culture it is the furthest I have ever travelled from the hallowed ground of our fair city, all the different food, language and customs to discover what could be better.

Phillipines, Manila

I will set off from my Liverpool home this Wednesday, jetting off towards my destination at lighting speed. Ok it may be an 18 hour trip but it will give me time to catch up on all those films I’ve missed, oh wait I manage a cinema I’ve seen all the films. Well I can catch up some new Music I’ve neglected to keep up with, oh wait I work at Juice FM. Hmm maybe I will just stick to this blog to keep me sane, if not I can always catch up on my favourite activity sleeping. I hope to arrive in manila on Thursday from there I will spend 4 days in the capital Manila Before jetting off again to the island of Boracay. We will be 5 days in this beautiful resort more for my partner than for me I promise. Then we travel to the real Philippines, Cagayan de Oro meeting people away from the tourist hotspots and major cities. I hope you can join me on this journey and experience this sensation looking nation, the good the bad and the different will all be here for your reading pleasure. I will update you regularly throughout the trip so watch this space.


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