Amateur Boxers raise money for James Bulger Memorial Trust

There is a huge amateur boxing charity night happening on Friday 26th February at Fusion Nightclub on Fleet Street, raising money for the James Bulger Memorial Trust and other charities.

For the last 6 weeks 30 beginner contestants from Liverpool both males and females have trained hard together in the art of boxing and will now be paired off with each other to battle it out in a 3 round boxing match using white collar boxing rules.

Each registered contestant is required by IWA Boxing to use their own unique experience of training and competing in a boxing match to raise money for a charity of their choice. This is done by setting up online just giving donation pages and promoting their journey through social media outlets. We have 11 boxing for James Bulger Memorial Trust as well as other charity.

Whoever raises the most money for their chosen charity will win a prestigious prize from IWA Boxing.

Anton Major, Joey Lyons, John Gibney, Jordan Johnson, Lauren Beamish, Lauren Worth, Lou Aldred and Philly Williams are the contestants taking part all raising money for James Bulger Memorial Trust and so far have raised an incredible £2900.

Kirsty with team James Bulger Memorial Trust

Kirsty with team James Bulger Memorial Trust

On fight night, Friday 26th February local Liverpool club Fusion will be set alight with an estimated 15 boxing contests taking place. Although each bout has a decision at the end, we truly believe there are no losers as every participant will have given it their all, improved fitness, met great friends, learnt new skills, gained more self confidence and raised money for a great cause whilst doing all of this.

Inof on how you can be there to support the cause is below.

By Kirsty Lucas

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