Are you ready for The Creep Unleashed at Fort Fear, New Brighton?

Halloween is upon us and there are a plethora of spooky, scary, spine tinggling attractions on Merseyside this year to help us celebrate All Hallows Eve. We chose 5 of the best un nerving sights this year and you can read about them below.

One of the attractions is taking place at Fort Perch Rock in New Brighton. Jay went for a visit, and let’s just say he couldn’t wait to leave this creepy underworld that has been created. Watch the video here and find out more online

There’s a killer on the loose. His victims are stolen from where they lay, unsuspecting into the night. Hands bound and face hooded. They are taken to a dark place where nightmares are dreamt into life, where the disembodied screams can be heard from beyond the cell, where black blood oozes from every pore of this insidious hell. His ‘followers’ will guilt you, shame you, torture you until you are ready to become part of his grotesque masterpiece – fashioned from skin and flesh and bone… This Halloween, The Creep Productions welcomes you… to FORT FEAR!

Be happy in the skin you’re in… Because it wont be yours for long…

FORT FEAR is produced by a team of Actors, Directors & Film Makers with over 50 years experience between them. ‘The Creep’ produces Cheshire’s most terrifying theatre experiences!
It is a chilling scare-fest, set in one of the North-West’s most unique venues.
The setting is Fort Perch Rock, New Brighton Promenade. 20 actors will be performing, along with a host of special effects. This walk through interactive show makes you part of the action. Don’t miss out, shows are very likely to sell out towards Halloween. Come and experience it for yourself…

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