Australia Day 2017: Where to party, BBQ and buy an inflatable kangaroo in Liverpool

Aussie Aussie Aussie…..Oi Oi Oi! It’s Australia Day 2017.

Okay so the weather might be a bit too cold to throw a pool party here in Liverpool, but it doesn’t mean we can’t revel in the very best of Aussie culture!

Here’s your one stop guide to the city’s best BBQ eateries, classic Aussie playlists and of course, where to buy an inflatable roo!

Whole Lot of History

The Guide Liverpool 10 pound poms

Let’s start at the beginning. Australia Day falls on January 26th and marks the anniversary of when the First Fleet, under the command of Captain Arthur Phillip, docked in Sydney Cove. The day is a public holiday across the country and celebrations include festivals, military salutes, music gigs and of course a heap load of fireworks.

Liverpool has long had a connection with Australia, and Sydney in particular as there is also a suburb called Liverpool that has many similarities to our own fair city. Named after Robert Banks Jenkinson, Earl of Liverpool, who back in 1810 was the Secretary of State for the Colonies, Liverpool, New South Wales was built with influences from out city’s architecture too. The average July (winter) temperature in Liverpool NSW is around 17 degrees, so basically the same as here despite the fact its the middle of summer!

LFC Love 

Hillsborough - LFC - Fans - The Guide Liverpool

Did you know there’s a whole Australian branch of the LFC fan base? The L Files ( has regional branches from Melbourne to Perth, and also in the major cities of New Zealand and is hailed as Australia’s number 1 Liverpool site since 1998. We don’t imagine many Aussie fans get over to the game on a weekly basis, but it’s great to see the loyalty and adoration of LFC reaches the other side of the world.

Family Ties

The Guide Liverpool Wanted-Down-Under

Most of us have friends or family in Australia these days thanks largely to the £10 poms movement after the second world war, but also to the likes of Instagram and Pinterest fuelling the urge to travel and experience other cultures at a younger age. Actor Hugh Jackman’s parents, former Australian Prime Minster, Tony Abbbot, and legendary pop band, The Bee Gees all emigrated from the UK to settle in Australia.

In return we’ve reaped the benefits of some of Australia’s finest exports; pint sized Queen of pop, Kylie, the amber nectar that is Fosters, minor celebs being forced to eat bugs on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and of course the age old question…..Home & Away or Neighbours?

home and away or neighbors

Now that we’re all technically Aussie, grab your boomerang and check out our 8 point guide to celebrating Australia Day 2017 in Liverpool.

1 – Go Walkabout

the guide liverpool straya day


If you’re heading out this evening there is only one place to go. Walkabout Concert Square is renowned for throwing brilliant ‘Straya Day parties. Line up and have a crack at thong throwing competitions, Gold Coin BBQ, cheap schooners and box upon box of Australia’s fave biccie, Tim Tams! Click here to find out more and celebrate Australia Day 2017 in the most traditional way without getting on a flight!

2 – Buy a Blockbuster

Australia Day 2017

Not going out? No problem, have a dig around your DVD collection, or head to HMV at Liverpool One to pick up any of these legendary Aussie films for a night in front of the telly with a pinch of aussie eccentricity! Our faves include Crocodile Dundee, Muriel’s Wedding, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Strictly Ballroom, and Baz Lurhman’s epic starring Nicole Kidman and a half naked Hugh Jackman, Australia. Which is your favourite?

3 – Grab Your Very Own Roo


Throwing your own Australia Day 2017 party? You have to head down to Smiffy’s on Bold Street for all manner of aussie day decorations and inflatables. From aussie flag bunting to this handsome, hairy chap, you can pick up corked hats and a full kangaroo one-sie complete with boxing gloves, all under one roof! Click here to check it out and grab your party stuff straight after work!

5 – BBQ’o’Clock

Sausages - BBQ - Shutterstock

In all our combined years we’ve never personally experienced an Australian throwing a shrimp on a Barbie, so stereotypes aside, lets talk food. Unless you have access to a fresh supply of witchetty grubs (bork), why not try some other, more appealing traditional aussie tucker? Kangaroo burgers, Emu steaks, calamari and bbq snags (sausages) are much easier to replicate and are hopefully are more tasty too. Click here for more ideas on what to chuck on your barbie.

Click here to check out the city’s top 10 BBQ eateries to get your Australia Day 2017 fix!

6 – Fairy Bread & Snacks

Australia Day 2017

Did you know that Fairy Bread originated in Australia? This kids party favourite has grown up with a whole generation of kids and we’re told it features at college and university parties and goes down well with an ice-cold Castle Maine XXXX. Who knew? Australia does sugary treats well. Try Tim Tams, Cherry Ripe and Lamington’s for a sugar fix that will finish off a BBQ feast like a boss. Click here for a brilliantly easy Lamingtons recipe and make your own.

7 – The Playlist

Okay so we’ve got fabulous food, chocolatey treats, we’ve laughed and cried through Muriel’s Wedding….it’s time to bust some moves! Your Australia Day soundtrack needs to feature as many cheesy pop hits as possible. We’re talking anything by Kylie, Olivia Newton John, Sia, AC DC, Natalie Imbruglia, Michael Hutchence, Tina Arena, Iggy Azalea and of course, Jason Donovan. We’d even go for a big of ‘This Is It’ by Dannii Minogue for the laughs. Spotify has you covered here.

8 – Plan B

If all else fails, get comfy on the couch with a packet of Penguins (basically the UK version of Tim Tams) and catch up on Wanted Down Under, Home & Away and treat yourself to watching both showings of Neighbours, because hey, it’s Australia Day and who doesn’t love a bit of Karl Kennedy?

Check out the video above from when our star-struck Jay met Home & Away legend, Irene Roberts, actress Lynne McGranger back in December.

Australia Day 2017

If you’re celebrating Australia Day 2017 in Liverpool today we’d love to see your photo’s! Tweet us @TheGuideLpool or email us and we’ll share the best. All together now…..Waltzing Mathilda…..Waltzing Mathilda……


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