Bido Lito magazine to help Liverpool’s homeless with #GuestListGiving

The Bido Lito! #GuestlistGiving campaign has been set up in conjunction with Liverpool’s independent venues and promoters to raise money for The Whitechapel Centre to help them carry out the vital work they do in helping the city’s homeless community. Running from Thursday 26th November to Thursday 28th January, the campaign aims to raise money by asking anyone on the guest list at any affiliated gig or show during this period to make a small donation to the charity.


Bido Lito! are running this campaign with the help of a range of the city’s independent venues and promoters: their support for the project has been overwhelmingly positive and is reflective of the warmth that Liverpool exudes as a city. Promoters EVOL, Harvest Sun, Circus, Mellowtone, Ceremony Concerts and Abandon Silence, and venues The Kazimier, Buyers Club and Constellations, amongst many others, have signed up to give their full support to the campaign at their shows.


Head to now for a full list of affiliated shows in the #GuestlistGiving campaign.


The Whitechapel Centre is the leading homeless and housing charity for the Liverpool region. Their team of 80 staff and 40 volunteers work with people who are sleeping rough, living in hostels or struggling to manage their accommodation.

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In their December 2015/January 2016 issue (Issue 62), Bido Lito! have commissioned an extended article discussing the current homeless situation in Liverpool, highlighting the ways in which Liverpool’s music community can and does help raise awareness of an issue that affects an increasing number of people. That issue of the magazine will be in circulation from Thursday 26th November to Thursday 28th January, the eight-week span that the #GuestlistGiving campaign runs across. The aim is to raise several hundred pounds to donate to The Whitechapel Centre to help them continue doing their vital work – and also to raise awareness of the fantastic service that they provide at a particularly pressing time of year.


  • Since 2010 the number of people sleeping rough on the streets of the UK has risen sharply, and the effects of homelessness have become even more of a visible issue in our towns and cities.
  • According to the latest figures, collected in the autumn of 2014 and published in February 2015, 2,744 people are estimated to be sleeping rough on any one night: this is up 55% from the estimated number of rough sleepers in 2010.
  • North East England saw the biggest percentage increase in rough sleeping, followed by London and the North West, which saw rough sleeping increases above the national average.
  • It is estimated that 15-20 people sleep rough on the streets of Liverpool each night.


Bido Lito! Editor, Christopher Torpey, explains the reasons behind setting up the campaign.

“Christmas is always a time when we feel the pinch of homelessness more keenly, where you’re more aware of those people who, through varying degrees of misfortune, have to sleep rough when most other people are inside celebrating with their families. There’s a saying that you’re only ever two wage packets away from being on the streets yourself – I think there are a lot of people in our city’s music community that would empathise with that. There but for the grace of God go all of us.

“With this campaign we not only wanted to raise awareness of the issue and highlight ways in which we can help, but also back it up with a sizeable chunk of money that will help the Whitechapel Centre keep up and expand their work during this period.

“When we’re queuing outside Arts Club or walking along Bold Street to get to a show, it’s inevitable that we’ll encounter some people who have had to resort to sleeping rough on the cold, harsh streets. Perhaps we’ll see some of these people more than once on our regular trips. It will take little effort to put a few quid in one of our collection boxes – whether you’re on the guest list or not – and the effects will be felt by those who need it most. Thank you.”

Photo by Nata Moraru

Photo by Nata Moraru



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