Blackpool: Time to go up 380ft to the Blackpool Tower Eye

You can’t go to Blackpool without going to the top of the tower and into the Blackpool Tower Eye can you. All day today we are experiencing all 7 of the Blackpool Tower attractions under our BIG ticket, a little bit later we are giving you the chance to do the same as we have 4 BIG tickets to give away. Right now though it’s time for Jay to put his nappy on and face his fears!

Now you begin your journey to the top with a visit to the incredible 4D cinema. Let the special sensory effects and incredible filming bring the history of The Blackpool Tower to life in front of your eyes.

Then take a trip 380ft into the sky to the top of The Blackpool Tower and experience the thrilling SkyWalk. Walk out if you dare onto the five centimetre thick glass viewing platform, where you can look out into the Irish Sea and see the famous Blackpool Promenade below you.

Blackpool Tower views

See the North West of England spread out before you with views over Bowland, up to the Lake District and on a clear day down to Liverpool and across to the Isle of Man from the top of the iconic Blackpool Tower.

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