BSC Live: Designer Henry Holland bigs up northern style with Jay & Ellie

We’ve had our fair share of famous faces on The Guide Liverpool sofas so far this weekend at the Exhibition Centre and next up is our fave northern designer, Henry Holland.

Champion of fun, bright and vibrant styling and twisting up classics such a denim and tea dresses, Henry Holland is at British Style Collective to give insights into running a successful label, developing styles and soaking up the Liverpool atmosphere. Watch as he has a giggle with Jay and Ellie on The Guide Liverpool set.

Check out our chat earlier with boss of The ACC, Bob Prattey who made an exclusive announcement about the future of BSC on the sofas with our Jay. You can watch all our British Style Collection coverage here.

There’s so much more to come throughout the weekend so keep it here at The Guide Liverpool. Enjoying the sun at Albert Dock’s Fine Tuned Vintage Festival? We wanna see your selfies and pics, tweet us @TheGuideLpool and we’ll share the love on our socials.

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