Cathedral Spectacular coming to Light Night this Frday

LightNight commission from AdHoc Creative, featuring Daniel Thorne (founder of IMMIX ensemble) arranging stunning Bill Ryder-Jones composition, ‘NO WORST, THERE IS NONE’, with Liverpool Cathedral Youth Choir, Liverpool Salvation Army Brass Band, performances from The Reader and visual artists Sam and Damien Wiehl takes place this week.
The spectacular performance installation ‘No Worst, There Is None’ takes place at Liverpool Cathedral this Friday as part of LightNight 2016. A Bill Ryder-Jones’ composition has been arranged by IMMIX Ensemble founder Daniel Thorne to accommodate Liverpool Salvation Army Brass Band, the Cathedral Youth Choir plus an array of other musicians and will be accompanied by an immersive AV and light show designed by Sam and Damien Wiehl.
The event has been produced by Ad Hoc Creative, a collaboration between Bido Lito! magazine and Ad Hoc Property Management as part of a major project which seeks to realise ‘new ideas within re-imagined spaces’.
Using the poem ‘No Worst, There Is None’ by Gerard Manley Hopkins as the source text, Bill Ryder-Jones produced a beautiful orchestral piece of music for the project. The composition has been reimagined for the special event on Friday and will be performed by musicians coming together for the evening.
As part of the performance, the poem will be read by volunteers from The Reader, an organisation which promotes the benefits of shared reading and literature. Emily Crawford, Communications manager from The Reader said: “This is a great chance for members of the public to find out more about our work and experience some Shared Reading for themselves. Bringing different members of the community together for a shared experience is something we’re incredibly passionate about and the ‘No Worst, There Is None’ event is doing exactly that, we really hope it drives people’s imagination – gets them talking and also shows what wonderful things can be creatively inspired from literature.”

Daniel Thorne, who has worked with an array of artists to create new music and adapt existing pieces with IMMIX Ensemble, has been working hard to produce a piece of music which is faithful to Ryder-Jones original composition but does justice to the stunning surroundings of the Cathedral and brings out the various elements of the assembled sections of the orchestra.

Bill Ryder Jones - The Gude Liverpool

Thorne said: “Because of the nature of LightNight and there’s so many things happening, the idea is of rather than it being a performance where you come and watch a band or an orchestra from start to finish, I hope that it is something that if you wander up the steps and stay for the whole thing you gain an insight toward the text or if you wander up 10 minutes late, catch five minutes of the next thing, it still works: that idea of it creating an environment rather than ‘a piece’. I hope you can enjoy it on a few different levels whether you are there for the whole thing or five minutes.”
Peter Elliott, of Liverpool Salvation Army Brass Band said: “We are really pleased to be involved in LightNight 2016 and looking forward to hearing how this new work is going to sound in collaboration with the other participants.  The original poet was a very spiritual man and as a group of Christians all members of Walton Band are very much open to the idea that our music is a way that we can express our faith.  This includes all of our emotions and moods whether it is the uninhibited “clap along” music to the deeper and maybe darker work that we will be part of at the Cathedral.”

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