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We often see fitness challenges posted on social media. For instance we have the 30 day squat challenge or the Jiggle Free January Challenge! Well, now it’s time to complete our very own Guide Liverpool scouse fitness challenge. These are exercises and activities you can only do in Liverpool. Let’s face it this city provides the perfect backdrop for pretty much anything, including fitness.
1. Run up & Down St Georges Hall Steps

Let’s do the scouse Rocky! Run up and down the killer steps of St Georges Hall just like that famous scene in the Rocky movie – the cheap way! You don’t have to go all the way to Philadelphia to do this kind of training! We have our very own similar set of stairs right here in Liverpool! It’s free, it’s tough if you run fast enough and it’ll get your heart racing. Plus you’d be hard pressed to find a more stunning setting to go for the burn.
2. Cycle along the Beautiful Waterfront

Cycle Liverpool - Waterfront - Albert Dock - The Gide Liverpool - Scouse Fitness Challenge
We know many cities have a waterfront to cycle along, but none have a waterfront with as much beauty at the Liverpool Waterfront! Why not hire a city bike and go for a lovely bike ride right along the waterfront with friends or family! Cycling is a great way to get fit and is pretty stress free on them knee joints! Aim to get from the Britannia pub to the Albert Dock – and back if you can!
3. Shop till you drop at Liverpool One

Liverpool ONE - The Guide Liverpool
Some may not see this is a fitness challenge (Most scouse girls complete this regularly) but just think of all the walking and stairs you complete in a day’s shopping! This is another challenge people may say you can do elsewhere, but again shopping in Liverpool One is an experience in itself! Make sure to park well away from Liverpool one to add extra steps in and also burn out them arms carrying all those heft bags!
4. Sprint between the Iron Men at Crosby Beach

Interval training is a great cardiovascular workout, but you don’t need a gym to do it in. Experts recommend a series of low- to high-intensity exercise workouts interspersed with rest breaks, so why not sprint between two Iron Men, then walk between the next two? Each time you complete this try to sprint more and walk less! Eventually this challenge will make you want to carry on running!
5. Power Walk round Sefton Park Lake

Sefton Park - The Guide Liverpool
When it’s done right, power walking can blast away fat as fast as jogging can. Aim to walk at about a 4.5 mph pace to get the most fat burning benefit. By all means admire the birdlife on the lake as you go, that’s what it’s there for, but no stopping to feed the ducks!
6. Hill Sprints at Everton Hills (The View)

Close enough to the City Centre that you could add a walk up Islington for your warm up if you were feeling really fit, hill sprints at Everton Brow will not only get you puffing and panting, it will reward you with some of the best views of the city and beyond you’ll get from anywhere. Also, if you’re lucky you may even see some of the amazing sportsmen and women of Liverpool. Everton Brow is a place where many Liverpool go for their training!
7. Take part in one of Liverpool’s sporting charity events

Gung Ho Liverpool
Liverpool is home to some of the best sporting events in the country! Why not train to take part in the Liverpool Rock & Roll Marathon, Run for the 96, Gung Ho, It’s a Knockout at the Walton park Festival or the Liverpool Triathlon! There are many more in the city that we havent mentioned but the proof is there! People in Liverpool love to take up some fitness challenges!


There we have it, there are 7 ideal scouse fitness challenges that can only be completed in the amazing city that is Liverpool!
Do you know any other scouse fitness challenges?

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Jason Porter
Fitness Presenter / Writer
My Fitness Agent / The Guide Liverpool

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