It’s Christmas in the Far East with ‘Scouse of the Rising Sun’ at the Royal Court

It’s almost time for the legendary Royal Court Christmas show and this year the gang are off to the Far East on a brand new adventure….and there’s even a panda!

A crazed dictator with a massive chip on his shoulder is set to launch a nuclear weapon at Liverpool. Our best hope is Mr T Inman, a cowardly liar and the ever so dim Clare Crow. Guided by an eastern mystic and a well meaning panda they are the only thing that stands between our great city and total destruction!

Will our heroes find what they are looking for and save the day?

Royal Court Christmas Show


The Royal Court Christmas show is an annual fun-fest that has had audiences laughing and singing along for the last seven years and tickets for this years caper are now on sale.

The cast has been confirmed and is full of familiar faces. Jake Abraham, Michael Fletcher, Lindzi Germain, Hayley Hampson, Michael Ledwich, Drew Schofield, Alan Stocks and Keddy Sutton all return to The Court for festive fun and frolics.

This year Kevin Fearon has penned the script, which is usually written by Fred Lawless. Fred is working on another project for 2017 so has taken a year off. Kevin has produced all of the last seven Christmas shows and is joined by the Director Bob Eaton, Musical Director Howard Gray and Designer Foxton.

Royal Court Christmas Show

Executive Producer at Liverpool’s Royal Court and writer of the show, Kevin Fearon said: “The Royal Court Christmas show has a great reputation for being, funny, silly and packed with good music. It was tough following in Fred’s footsteps but I think everyone will enjoy this year’s show.

“The rehearsals have been brilliant fun so far and we have got a very talented cast and creative team so the audience can expect some big laughs and a great night out as usual!”

The actors are in rehearsals, the band are practicing furiously and the script is (nearly) finished. The box office ’phones are buzzing so it looks like a case of book now or miss out!

Scouse Of The Rising Sun runs from Friday 25 November 2016 until Saturday 14 January 2017. Click here to get your tickets for a raucous night out this Christmas time!

The show contains some strong language and the recommended age limit is 16+.


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