Comedian Top Joe’s Guide to Liverpool

The Guide meets a lot of weird and wonderful people during our journeys around Merseyside, but few are more intriguing than comedian, Top Joe. Forever sporting a hi vis jacket and perpetually confused, the Welshman can be seen in comedy clubs around Liverpool and recently had a successful stint at the Edinburgh Fringe. Ahead of his regular gig, which starts at The Well on Roscoe Street on Saturday 17th October, Top Joe wanted to share with The Guide his favourite places in Liverpool.


The Graveyard

My favourites are Toxteth Cemetery on Smithdown Road and St James Cemetery outside of the Anglican Cathedral. Graveyards are on the periphery, and for the nocturnal community, of which I am one, they are always most welcoming. You can read, spot wildlife and it’s very quiet so it provides space to think.


The Well Space

The Well Space is a venue, an artistic venue. I will host an evening there with friends each month. This month (October) I have a very funny man, Liam Pickford and the best musician since Meat Loaf, Esa Shields. I want to invite every user of The Guide as well as Jay and Ellie. I will give them a 10 pence discount on their tickets, providing they buy me a pint.


Falkner Street

This is certainly in my top four streets in Liverpool. Falkner Street has Falkner Square, in my opinion the best square. It really is top quality. There are some truly extravagant buildings and you see some characters walking down that cobbly street. The square is exquisite and is truly quadrilateral, unlike other so called squares.


The Titanic Hotel

On one of my late night walks I once ended up at the Titanic Hotel. It’s the best hotel in Merseyside. It evokes the spirit of an age, a time when rich aristocrats would be painted (naked) by other members of the world community. There is romance in the air at The Titanic Hotel, people who stay there are princes and princesses. And the bar staff do not object to providing tap water at 10.30 in the evening.


Dave Lazenby’s Garden

I should explain, Dave Lazenby is a contact of mine and at present we are not on good terms. From Tuesday to Friday I spend some of the evening in his garden. I like to know he is not up to any of his usual tricks.


Mathew’s Street

People on Mathew’s Street know how to have fun. I chanced upon this fantastic area of Liverpool when I tried to visit BHS during Christmas opening hours. This place comes alive in the evening with the sounds of song. The characters who frequent Mathew’s Street are dreamers, bon viveurs and there is love in the air.


The Odeon Cinema

This is my favourite place to catch the latest Mark Ruffalo film or any Paul Hogan blockbuster. These are artists at the peak of their profession and the Odeon gives their craft the presentation it deserves.


Tickets for Top Joes Regular Gig are available here:

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