Days Out: Velocity Trampoline Park in Widnes

Well its official… not-so-little girl turned 10 this weekend and I’ve had a hard time coming up with a birthday activity for her and her friends (because she’s way too cool to have a disco party or go to soft-play now).


Luckily I was saved by Velocity Trampoline Park, Widnes. After three hours glued to her new Ipad on Saturday morning I felt relieved that we were off to do something that required more than just two thumbs and didn’t result in square eyes! We left the little ones watching Rugby with Daddy and set off down the M62.


Velocity is based on an industrial estate in Widnes so having sat-nav is handy! Their website lists directions and there’s always a friendly voice on the phone to guide you if you get lost. There’s ample parking too although trying to park any vehicle with 5 excitable girls jumping around like a box of frogs is a challenge for most.


Safely inside the sheer scale of the place is super impressive, 90 inter-connecting trampolines plus basket-ball, foam pit and dodge-ball sections make up the main hall space. I had to admit I quite fancied a go too but the death stare I received from my girl quickly put that idea to bed.


The girls chucked their shoes off with reckless abandon and donned their £2 special jump socks (compulsory but you get to keep them). All hyped up they sat and listened to a 15 minute safety video before being let loose into the free jump zone. I made my way to the seated area, trying to juggle high-tops, handbags and coats (lockers are available) and indulged in a hot chocolate. The menu has a good range of snacks and all the usual kid friendly meals which are reasonably priced. (Although Tango Ice Blasts for 5 at £3:45 each almost cleared out my purse!)


The sessions work on coloured wrist bands so once your time is up, the PA system will call the band colour back to terra firma. At £9 for an hours jumping, with the option to pay just £5 for an additional hour it’s worth the money and short trip out to Widnes. All five of the girls had a ball and came back to solid ground red faced and puffed out!


Velocity isn’t just about kids having fun. There are dedicated sessions for toddlers, Friday club night for 13years+ and fitness classes that work out the entire body! I might give Extreme Dodge-ball a miss though, its looks pretty hard-core. There is talk of a Liverpool Velocity Trampoline Park coming soon to the Aintree Racecourse site, which will be a great addition to the city. For more information about session times and prices check out or call 0151 424 8613


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