Dead Crafty Beer Company on building their craft beer empire

After starting as a homemade pop up bar, Dead Crafty Beer Company made their way up the craft beer ladder.
Manager Vicky Morgan, 38, and husband Gareth Morgan, 36, made the decision to find a more permanent location for their ever-growing company.
Realising a pop up bar was a none-starter from the beginning the two decided to use it to hire for functions, with a modern look, the portable bar is just the start of a large amount of fantastic features lined up for the bar to be.
With a rustic bare brick décor, Mrs Morgan was able to use her bar as a live project for a Liverpool University design project.


Vicky Morgan

Vicky Morgan

Coming up with the idea of bare brick walls and a woodchip floor was homely and Mrs Morgan justified it perfectly by saying: “You can be sitting in the fanciest bar in the world and be drinking basic beer, but you can drink the world’s best beer anywhere.” 

With 20 taps and North West brewers circulating each month, there’s no doubt about the huge selection of craft beers that will be served here, including the likes of Ad hop, Melwood and Mad hatter.
The two have their heart set on changing the way Craft Beer is viewed around the country, by planning to set up history talks teaching people the history of Craft Beer.
Mrs Morgan made it clear that anybody is welcome at her bar, whether you’re an expert on craft beer or are yet to try your first one.

Along with history talks the two will also be holding frequent Music Quiz nights and Meet the Brewer events.
With the option of a function room and Craft Beer tasting, Dead Crafty Beer Company are set to take Liverpool by storm.
With an opening date yet to be confirmed you can sign up to newsletters and information of any appearances by visiting:
Be sure not to miss Dead Crafty Beer Company at Tatton Park’s North West Food Lover’s Festival on the 23rd – 25th of October.
By Rachel Murphy


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