Deliah: We supported Go Go Penguin at Liverpool Music Week

By Alex Dop of Deliah


Liverpool Music Week has done itself proud in 2016 and we’re only just halfway through. Every show has sold out or come close to being at capacity, showing us that Liverpool still has a huge place in its heart for live music. Being a musician myself, this is very encouraging, especially as we (DELIAH) were on the bill to support the tremendously talented Jazz trio, GoGo Penguin. Here’s how it went…

We turned up to our sound check to find a grand piano, a double bass and drum kit, facing inwards, on the stage. This immediately told us that these guys mean business and that there would be nothing half-arsed about tonight’s show.

Go Go Penguin

Go Go Penguin

After a successful sound check, thanks to the great team at The Arts Club and Liverpool Music Week, we were almost ready for our set. Now, let me tell you something, as a budding musician you love to play the bigger stages, and The Arts Club definitely has that with a capacity of around 1000. However, when you get to these stages the most nerve-racking thing is whether or not there will be an audience to fill the abyss. And, thanks to how successful LMW has been, the crowd came pouring in, much to our delight. As a Contemporary R&B band we were aware that we didn’t quite suit being on a bill with an instrumental Jazz trio. However, this mattered not as the audience made us feel right at home, a credit to the festival. So, if you are reading this as someone who attended last night, thank you.

The room filled up even more and GoGo Penguin took to the stage. The crowd remained mesmerised for the whole 1 hour 15 minute set, which is hard doing these days for any band, let alone one without a vocalist. GoGo Penguin managed to take an almost capacity room and make it feel like they were playing for just you. It was a special evening in which we were taken on various journeys through their back catalogue, some raucous and lively, some dreamy and enchanting, some awe inspiring, especially as the pianist leant in to his piano manipulating the strings from the inside, and the drummer holding 3 sticks at once. These three unassuming blokes gave us a musical master class.

Yes, we felt blessed to have been accepted on this bill. Yes, GoGo Penguin put on an amazing show. But the main thing that I took from the night was how special LMW is for bringing artists together, regardless of genre or being in a particular scene, which is what music is all about isn’t it?

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