Campaign launched to encourage donations of goods for the homeless

Liverpool retailer Healthy Foods Online has joined forces with homeless charity, The Whitechapel Centre, to launch a campaign against food wastage in a bid to help feed the city’s most vulnerable people.

The centre, which has been operating for over thirty years, provides rough sleepers with a breakfast, lunch and dinner at the centre and staff work throughout the day to find suitable accommodation for rough sleepers. Those who are in need of help also have access to professional advice on finance, education and employment.

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However, with a 42% rise in homelessness in Liverpool since 2011, The Whitechapel Centre has found itself under increasing pressure to support the needs of those who are facing homelessness.  

The issues of poverty and homelessness are not unique to Liverpool, they are issues that are growing on a national scale. The Trussell Trust food banks gave 1,109,309 people a three-day emergency food supply between April 2015 to March 2016, a number which is growing rapidly each year and yet, on average the United Kingdom throws away 15 million tonnes of food each year.

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After experiencing a level of food wastage in the company, Healthy Foods Online decided to launch a campaign to provide The Whitechapel Centre with a regular supply of foods. Marketing Manager Michael Craven said:

“It felt wrong to throw away perfectly edible goods when so many people are using food banks and struggle to know where their next meal is coming from. We are so pleased to join with The Whitechapel Centre to ensure that they have continued support from us so that they can carry on the great work that they do.”


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The company hopes that the ‘Don’t Waste in Haste’ campaign will encourage other businesses to donate foods and goods to charities like The Whitechapel Centre which works so hard to help those whoa re homeless and in their hour of need.  

For more information on how to donate goods, visit 

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