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EFC: Reality Check for The Blues

After this past weeks two results a draw against Palace at Goodison, then a draw again on Saturday at Norwich it’s time for a Everton to focus after a two poor results.

I like Roberto Martinez and the way he gets the team playing but the past two games have highlighted a major problem and that is as much as I wish they were Everton are not Barcelona we can’t pass a team to death and score a truck load of goals. What Everton do instead is what Arsenal were famous for in the late 90’s and that was to try and pass the ball into the net.

The Norwich game on Saturday was a prime example of this and wasteful chance taking as Everton could have and should have been about five or six nil up at halftime, but weren’t and within a minute of the second half kicking off Norwich equalized from a corner. Sadly I could see this coming as a blue I never think positively when it comes to Everton thanks to a hard schooling of watching dross that Walter Smith served up as manager in the 90’s and early 00’s.


The next moaning point to get off my chest is Tim Howard I really think we need a new keeper ASAP as the amount of occasions recently where thanks to a lack of confidence or just simple goal keeping stuff he has cost us points, now Howard is partly to blame but the marking and defending on corners is shocking in the past two games they have cost us valuable points and have stinted the blues movement up the table so what is the answer? Many people suggest getting David ‘Rhino’ Unsworth to switch jobs and become a defensive coach instead of managing the Under 21s is this the answer I don’t think so but I do think something needs to be done and fast.

A big congratulations to Romelu Lukaku on scoring 50 goals for Everton last Monday I am lucky to say I have probably been at every game that he has scored in. I have picked out three of his goals that I remember and why I have picked them out.


Goal One: West Ham Away

This was the Big belguims first goal for the blues, if memory serves me right Everton were drawing and Lukaku who was on loan from Chelsea came on and showed a great deal of bravery throwing his head right behind a Kevin Mirallas cross which sent the away fans into melt down. My friend was across the row from myself and he says all he remembers is seeing my arm go up in the air amongst of mass of bodies.


Goal Two: Hull City Away

This goal wasn’t particularly a great strike by big Rom but it was a fantastic team goal with 14 passes in the move before Lukaku finished the move by smashing the ball home. This game also was the game where I feel Lukaku and the fans found that magnificent bond as I remember he threw near enough his full kit into the crowd after the final whistle boots and all.


Goal Three: BSC Young Boys

This was a fantastic trip and a great result for Everton, I loved Switzerland even if it was a bit expensive it was worth every penny or Swiss franc if you want to be picky. Rom seemed to like Switzerland as well as he netted a hat trick for the blues as they marched on in Europe. The trip was made even better when we got back to the Hotel we were staying at and the barman proceeded to give us free pints because it was his last day working there.


Next up for the blues is a tough game on Saturday against Leicester City, hopefully Chelsea can do us a favour on Monday night.


Up the Toffs


By EFC Blogger Tim Lloyd



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