Everton fans can now “ask Alexa”

Everton fans can now get the latest Everton news, commentary and information directly from their Amazon smart speaker.

The Club’s has released a ‘Skill’ for Alexa which will allow owners of devices such as the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot to receive updates simply by asking Alexa.

To get started, supporters simply have to install the Everton Skill and say “Alexa, open Everton FC”.

Other things you can ask include:

“Alexa, ask Everton FC for the latest news”
“Alexa, ask Everton FC when is our next match”
“Alexa, ask Everton FC tell me about Leighton Baines” (or any other Everton player!)
“Alexa, ask Everton FC who did we last play”
“Alexa, ask Everton FC who is our top goalscorer”

And when the Premier League season gets under way, the Club will be providing live audio commentary of all matches via the Skill as well.

The new release represents a further move towards emerging technology, with more than 2.5m Echo smart speakers reportedly sold in the first quarter of 2018.

The release of the Everton Skill follows Amazon’s Prime Day – with huge numbers of the devices expected to be sold on July 16 and 17.

To add the Skill to your device, just search for Everton FC in the Skills section of your Alexa App. The Everton FC Alexa Skill has been developed for the Club by Urban Zoo.

For more info on all things Everton head to the clubs website here.

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