Pint of Science

Fancy a Pint of Science? Get a fascinating insight into research on robots, climate change & deadly viruses in the pub

You’re invited to join a group of scientists to talk about their incredible research in three different city venues next week.

We’ve all been captivated by award-winning documentaries on forensics, the natural world and AI. We’ve all probably heard some amazing tales down the pub from time to time too. From 20th-22nd May 2019, three Liverpool venues combine those two things by hosting the Pint of Science Festival.

Pint of Science Festival returns to Liverpool for a third year and aims to basically, blow us away with an insight into compelling research in loads of different subjects. It’s all part of an international festival that will see thousands of scientists simultaneously standing up and telling the public about their research in over 300 cities across 24 countries.

Pint of Science

Alongside the main talks, each evening will also include a range of science-inspired activities including hands-on experiments and quizzes, with Pint of Science prizes to be won.

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Talks are taking place at Frederik’s on Hope Street, Oh Me Oh My on The Strand and The Baltic Social on Parliament Street, across the three days. Nine events are scheduled but with four already sold out, we give you the low down on the remaining sessions and how to book your tickets to get in on the action.

Here’s 5 Pint Of Science events taking place in Liverpool…

Monday 20th May

Fire, Ice & Everything Nice
Have you ever wondered if shark skin can save the world? Well now you can find out the answer along with why volcanoes explode! 7pm, Frederik’s, be there or never know the answers! Tickets are £4 here.

Exploring the Moral Maze

Ever wonder what lengths brands will go to when it comes to targeting kids online? Have you traced your family tree using DNA linking? Find out what happened a project team tried to correct the mis-reported facts on clinical trials. Eeek! Head to Oh Me Oh My from 7pm. Tickets here. 

Tuesday 21st May

Man & Machine: Friends of Foes?

Senior Lecturer in Engineering, Steven Bode gives an insight into building the worlds fastest bike, Dr David Marquez-Gamez talks about having a robot for a colleague and there’s talk of GP’s being able to use small, smart tech to reduce test result waiting times. Hurrah for that. 7pm, Fredericks, tickets here. 

Wednesday 22nd May

A Journey to the Tropics

Find out how simple, traditional methods to reduce malaria should be brought back in to play, discover just how difficult it is to deliver a baby with limited resources in Bangladesh and Malawi and how TB is still killing 1.3 million people in poverty every year. A real eye opening session this one at Oh Me Oh My. Tickets here. 

The Value of Procrastination

Head to Frederiks again on Wednesday to join in the conversation about climate change, radio active waste and the future of renewable energy from 7pm. Tickets here.

Pint of Science

To get your tickets, head to or click here. You can find out more about events taking place across the country during the festival by following @pintofscience on Twitter.


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