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Fancy a Halloween Roast & Ghost Hunt with a side of Ouija Board?


Are you someone who likes to get a bit more ‘hands on’ when it comes to Halloween? Has trick or treating lost its spark? Or are you fed up with going to yet another fancy dress party? Well, Deadlive have you covered with this truly haunting event on 31st October at Manor Farm, Rainhill.

The night begins at 6pm with the venues famous Roast, vegetarian option available, before the ghost hunt begins at 9pm, lasting up until 1:30am.

The latter part of the evening will consist of paranormal activities such as table tipping, glass divination and the use of ouija boards, all of which are led by psychics and mediums, as well as being optional for guests as they see fit, and feel comfortable. The aim of all this is to draw out and connect with the spirits that are said to inhabit this famously haunted establishment.

“Famously haunted?”I hear you enquire. Well, let me tell you more…

The building, which dates back to the 1600s, was owned by the Molyneux family, who were Lords of the Manor of Sefton, with Viscount Molyneux VIII being the first ‘Earl of Sefton’. This title was passed down until as late as 1972! The family acquired a lot of land, including local religious institute, Loyola Hall, in the years between 1100-1700.

Manor Farm is said to have housed many families, upstairs, with unconfirmed stories of deaths in the house due to either illness or child birth.


The now pub has an array of sightings and supernatural activity stories behind it, so much so that the staff are now just used to it. Whilst speaking to one member of staff she told me of numerous sightings of a black figure stood at the bar that she often catches in the corner of her eye, thinking it is a customer, and when she looks up to serve them, there is no one there. This never occurs during opening hours.

The staff are all accustomed to the girl in the toilet. No, this is not Moaning Myrtle from Harry Potter, but it’s not far off. More often than not, after the toilets have been cleaned and all seats are put down (bear with me), the staff will return in the morning to find the same, singular seat turned up, with the light in that particular cubicle flickering on numerous occasions. This could be something to do with the death of a woman whom the Deadlive medium picked up on when checking out the premises.

The authentic setting features the original fireplace and a 20 ft, glass covered well in the middle of the room which you can even walk over. This well leads down to a labyrinth of tunnels running underground, with one said to lead to the previously mentioned religious institute, Layola Hall.

The whole thing gives me the goolies just talking about it, but maybe I’m just a bit wimpy when it comes to things like this. Why not let us know how your experience is after attending? Yeah…you do that…have fun!


Tickets available here: http://www.deadlive.co.uk/event/manor-farm-halloween-roast-haunted-ghost-hunt/


By Alex Dop

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