Fashion Gets Strange: Liverpool Fashion Week Tuesday Review

Liverpool Fashion Week continued on Tuesday night, to the excitement of fashionistas across the city.  Dressed in a black suit, crop-top, and sporting a Calvin Klein clutch bag, I entered the Liner Hotel and took a seat, ready for the show to begin.

Childsplay was first on the catwalk; a children’s clothing company which specialised in inappropriate sheer panel dresses, leather hot pants that reminded me of Sacha Baron Cohen’s Brüno, and strange Edwardian era collars.  Nevertheless, the kids were cute, and luckily that was enough to charm the audience.

Next on was Karen Corson, whose call-girl-esque coats combined with platform heels made me wonder if the models were actually wearing anything underneath.  The highlight was the pair of coats seemingly inspired by Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, which is incidentally my favourite childhood musical.

In contrast to the children who dressed as adults, next on the runway was adults dressed as children; pristine in weeaboo outfits designed by Rachael Isai.  Despite being a strange medley of Barbie-pink ruffles and Japanese street style, the clothing was certainly the most interesting of the night, and piqued the interest of the whole audience.  Who said that fashion was supposed to be convenient anyway?

Bach’e changed the mood with models slick with guy-liner and dressed head to toe in black hooded outfits.  Shades of complimenting coal blacks, midnight blacks, deeper blacks, and even a few dark greys strode down the catwalk, and I’m fairly certain that the models were under strict instruction not to have even a palimpsest of a smile on their chiseled faces.  The whole performance was incredibly, sophisticatedly, High-Fashion.

After a short video interlude of Amanda Moss, the founder of Liverpool Fashion week, explaining that “fashion is for everybody” of all “shapes, sizes, and incomes”, Tayamika hit the catwalk.  Bold African colours and patterns were beautifully blended with hints of Western styles, creating a truly unique collection.  Colour was popping from details on each and every model – from the shoes, to the head pieces, right down to the stacked bangles.  Certainly nobody would have missed Tayamika’s vivid show.

After an interlude of Sophia Spencer singing her new iTunes single Runaway, and a snazzy rendition of Uptown Funk, the show’s finale Amentium took to the stage.  Models bearing nipple tassels, ever-so-raunchy lingerie, and extraordinary latex outfits strutted the catwalk in flirtatious confidence.  When I asked founder Helen Teiman why she uses the unorthodox material latex, she simply told me: “I was curious.”  However, she did add: “My flat, where I make the clothes, smells like a condom factory!”
​Liverpool Fashion Week put on a fantastic show Tuesday night, with clothing made in every style, colour, and material imaginable.  The diversity that the designers portrayed through their collections was sensational – a worthy rival of London Fashion Week itself.

by Vanessa Wheeler @vanessawheeler_



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