The Film Guide 2017: Top Releases, Awards Fever and why Liverpool is a Big Screen Favourite

New year, New…movies and Golden Globes fever is in full swing!

We’re barely a fortnight in and 2017 is already promising to be a fantastic year for the movie lovers of Liverpool as we bring you The Film Guide 2017. Jimmy Fallon is gearing up to host the 74th annual Golden Globes in LA, while our own fair city is preparing to host a knock-out year on the big screen.

Film Guide 2017

With 25 awards ranging from Best Motion Picture, to Best Screen Play and of course the leading lady and man, the 2017 awards will be watched by millions around the world. There is talk that host, Jimmy Fallon has some antics up his sleeve to liven up proceedings and we’ll be tuning in to see who wins, who has the most convincing ‘gutted’ face and of course who is wearing what! Click here for a full run down of the 25 awards and nominees direct from the Golden Globes official website.

Click here for all the live action from the red carpet as it happens from E!

The Film Guide 2017: Liverpool on the Big Screen

Following a hugely successful year in the film industry in 2016, Liverpool itself will again host some famous faces on location in the coming months, with a whopping 80% of producers returning to the city for its unique locations and venues (and our irresistible charm of course).

From the historic St George’s Hall making a cameo alongside Eddie Redmayne on the big screen in ‘Fantastic Beasts and where to find them’ to our beloved Cavern showcasing the talents of Sheridan Smith on the small screen during her portrayal as the young Cilla Black, our city has so much to offer and directors the world over can’t get enough of it!

Film Guide 2017

From spine-tingling thrillers to live action remakes of classic Disney films, in 2017, we can have it all and where better to see these films than at our local cinemas and special screening events across the city (with a big old bucket of popcorn of course!)

Liverpool is bursting with independent cinema’s and screening venues that add a bit of nostalgia to a night at the pictures, here’s The Film Guide 2017 top 5 picture houses across Merseyside:

1 – Small Cinema Liverpool

Film Guide 2017

Liverpool Small Cinema, nestled on Victoria Street is flying the flag for independent, thought provoking and award-winning movies including Palme D’or winner, I, Daniel Blake: Pay What I Can Afford, directed by Ken Loach (January 14th). Having just hosted a David Bowie celebration day, the Liverpool Small Cinema mailing list is a must if you have eclectic taste and a love of cinema. Click here to join.

2 – Woolton Picture House

Film Guide 2017

Liverpool’s oldest independent cinema (established in 1927) is a jewel in the South Liverpool crown. Rolling with the times they offer a surprising amount of brilliant extras with their low ticket prices and free nostalgia! Booking is now open for a special screening of 50 Shades Darker which includes a Butler in the Buff! Click here to find out what other blockbusters are now showing.

3 – The Plaza Community Cinema, Crosby

Film Guide 2017

People living in north Liverpool absolutely rave about this cinema! Loved for its community feel, cheaper ticket prices and sweet treats that don’t break the bank, Plaza Community Cinema, Crosby is a firm favourite with families, couples and mates alike. Adult tickets are priced at a tiny £4.90, you can hire the cinema for parties (with your name up in lights) and Plaza Wednesdays offers some seats for just £2.60! Seriously, why haven’t you been yet? Click here to find out more!

4 – The Philharmonic Hall

Film Guide 2017

The Philharmonic Hall, Hope Street might not be your first port of call when you think of movie venues, but the Phil have a hidden gem in the shape of a hugely talented orchestra that allows you to not only watch iconic films on the big screen, but also feel them! Ask anyone who saw E.T. on New Years Day with the orchestra playing the film score live, from the stage, right into your bones! Stunning! Find our more by clicking here.

5 – FACT

The Guide Liverpool - FACT Psych Fest

FACT is the king of alternative movie’s and loves nothing more than expanding our horizons with foreign, independent and blockbusters alike. Becoming a member at FACT should be on the 2017 goals list of every movie lover as the benefits list is HUGE! Free films to enjoy at home, discounts on tickets and food partners and much more awaits. Click here to find out more.

Don’t forget to check back for announcements of summer screenings across the city in the coming months from the likes of Independent Liverpool, The Victoria Gallery and Liverpool Guild cinema as well as these fabulous independent venues.

Now you know where to watch them, here’s The Film Guide 2017 top 10 film releases we’re seriously excited about!

1 – Split

Film Guide 2017

UK Release Date: 20th January 2017. This M. Night Shyamalan thriller is already receiving rave reviews by film critics, ahead of its release. James McAvoy takes the lead, starring as a man with a split personality disorder, 23 different personalities to be exact. But when a 24th one starts to emerge, it proves to be less harmless than the rest. If you’re a fan of psychological thrillers then Split should be top of your 2017 list, McAvoy promises to bring an extraordinary performance and who doesn’t love a good scare?


2 – Trainspotting 2

Film Guide 2017

Trainspotting 2 finally hits our screens on January 27th, two decades after the first, iconic film was released. Danny Boyle’s eagerly anticipated sequel, brings together its original cast for what it sure to be an epic story. Mark Renton (Ewan McGregor) travels back to Scotland to make amends with his friends (Ewen Bremner and Johnny Lee Miller) whilst avoiding the psychopathic ‘Franco’ (Robert Carlyle). We absolutely can’t wait to see it!


3 – Beauty And The Beast

Film Guide 2017

We’ve got to wait until March for this Disney remake that’s had social media in meltdown every time a teaser film has been released. Staring Emma Watson and Ewan McGregor (he’s had a busy year already) this classic tale has the potential to smash the box office sales out of the park and fans of all ages queue to get their fairy tale fix.


4 – Logan


Another March release see’s Hugh Jackman reprising his role of Wolverine for the last time (sob). Based in the near future, an ageing Wolverine must protect a young female clone from an evil organisation with only the help of Professor X. Good old fashioned good v evil is what fans of this iconic franchise love to see, and we reckon Logan will do Marvel proud.


5 – Pirates Of The Caribbean – Salazar’s Revenge

The Guide Liverpoolpirates

Spring time brings a new addition to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. This is the fifth instalment of the series that follows the drunk yet loveable pirate Captain Jack Sparrow as he embarks on many crazy adventures across the sea. The plot sees Sparrow pursued by an old rival – Captain Salazar – who is now determined to kill every pirate at sea. Orlando Bloom reprises his role as Will Turner, yay!


6 – Star Wars Episode VIII


Pre Christmas cinema treat anyone? After the success of The Force Awakens, Star Wars fans will join together again for Episode 8 of this action packed franchise. While producers are keeping the plot close to their chest, we’re safe in the knowledge it’ll be an epic action-packed story, allowing us to remember our beloved princess with another instalment of this iconic franchise. Book your tickets in advance!


7 – Dunkirk


Legendary director, Christopher Nolan has brought countless cinematic marvels, and Dunkirk is going to join that list. Depicting the real life WW2 evacuation that saw more 300 thousand allied soldiers rescued in only eight days, this is sure to be a harrowing, heart wrencher of a movie. With a star-studded cast and a award winning director, it already has the ingredients to be a hit this summer.


8 – Spiderman: Homecoming


Tom Holland is starring as a brand new Peter Parker in this Spiderman revamp, which will see the web-shooting hero learn how to deal with his newfound spidery powers as well as get through normal teenage day to day life. Holland depicts the youngest Spiderman we’ve seen so far, and we’re hopeful he’s the best! The story picks up after the much rehashed spider bite, as Spidey takes on Vulture with the help of his millionaire mentor Tony Stark (so expect a lot of witty banter).


9 – Jumanji


Kids of the 90’s have been waiting for this remake for what feels like decades (oh wait)! July 2017 sees the UK release of Jumanji, and following the loss of Hollywood legend, Robin Williams, the film will hold a lot of childhood memories for audiences across the country. Starring Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson,Kevin Hart and Doctor Who’s Karen Gillian, the story follows four teenagers as they are sucked into Jumanji’s world, playing as characters from the game to survive, the movie also includes a tribute to Robin Williams.

10 – Lion


Beat the January blues with one of the first releases of the new year, Lion. Based on the incredible true story of Saroo Brierley, the street boy adopted by an Tasmanian couple played by Nicole Kidman and David Wenham, who years later decides to trace is family using Google Earth. Starring Slumdog Millionaire actor, Dev Patel, and Rooney Mara, this story looks like it will definitely be a tear jerker.

We’d love to hear from movie lovers around the North West for our next update of The Film Guide 2017. Drop us a line with your Oscar predictions and reactions to the 2017 Golden Globes on Twitter, tweet us @TheGuideLpool or email


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