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FITNESS: 6 easy steps to get more active

We understand that the majority of people would like to be more active, but after work or a long day with the kids all the positive exercise vibes go out the window. Its OK to be a little lazy at times, but Summer is around the corner and if we don’t get a move on now, some of us may have to stay in the shade.

Below are a couple of small, but excellent steps to becoming more active and getting fitter before the sunshine hits and the bikini bodies are out (once fit enough we will be able to work out hardcore achieving the summer body for this killer heatwave, apparently its lasting three months!).

OK so here we go!

  1. Go for walks!

Walking - The Guide Liverpool

Going for walks is a great way to increase fitness levels. Each week walk a little further, a little faster or even add a bit of a power walk in!

If your already dreading scheduling a walk into your diary, why not decide to walk to the shop for your tea, maybe ask a friend to go along with you! Chat away and forget your actually working out whilst out gossiping about the one nobody like at work! Jokes!


  1. Take the stairs!

Take th stairs - The Guide Liverpool

OK! We know this is an obvious one, but how many of you still take the lift two floors up? By walking instead of taking the lift or the escalators you can burn up to 150 calories or even more if you get them knees higher and work them arms too. (p.s don’t do this in town, you may get locked up!)


  1. Clean!

The Guide Liverpool

Okay I know this is a daily chore but cleaning can actually help you become more active! Whilst cleaning become a little crazy, put some music on and dance around! It will make cleaning a little more fun and also increase you heart rate and help you burn some calories! After a few weeks start adding some squats and jumps into your cleaning schedule! Sounds mad but who doesn’t love to go crazy cleaning the house of a Saturday morning?


  1. Park Further Away!

Parking, Cars The Guide Liverpool

This one kind of ties in with walking a little more! Why not park a few streets further away from work or the shops? That way you’re adding more walking into your daily routine! Also, if you leave the same time you will have to get your power walk on to arrive on time! (ps this will not be a valid excuse for being late for work)


  1. Exercise whilst watching the TV!

Exercise whilst watching TV - The Guide LIverpool

I know being a personal trainer, I’m supposed to tell you to watch less TV – but then that would make me a hypocrite! Nobody doesn’t love an episode of Hollyoaks! OK, back to the point! Why not get an exercise bike and watch Hollyoaks whilst working out! Okay maybe not Hollyoaks but you get my point! If you don’t have a exercise bike you get off with this one! KIDDING! If you don’t have an exercise bike/rower/cross-trainer then why not try doing squats/burpees/press-ups/sit-ups or another favourite exercise while the adverts are on? Over time you will then feel more active and want to do more active things, like a weight session or a new exercise class at the local gym!


  1. Support a good cause!

Charity Walk - The Guide Liverpool

Why not try a sponsored charity walks or runs for causes close to your heart? Dedicate each charity walk/run to someone you care about as your motivation to train before, during and after. By people close to you supporting you in this walk/run you will feel more motivated as you’ll realise others have faith in you too! Lots coming up in Liverpool including the many Race for Life events.


So there we have it! 6 great ideas to get you to become more active.


By Jason Porter

Fitness Writer / Presenter

My Fitness Agent / The Guide Liverpool


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