Fitness trends that will take over Liverpool in 2016

So, January is just around the corner and the month when we all start our new resolutions to lose that weight, build that muscle or even just live a healthier life!

Fitness plays a massive part in achieving those goals and with a city full of fitness professionals it can often be hard to find a craze that you can stick to!

Below are a few excellent trends that will help you to achieve your goal in January and throughout 2016!


Strength & Conditioning has been creeping in the fitness industry again in the last year and in 2016 its about to prove that its here to stay! Many fitness professionals and gyms across the city are now offering strength & conditioning programmes and classes on their timetables! Its an effective and tough workout that is now being made affordable for everyone! Below are a number of classes & programmes available in the city!

THE POWERHOUR – The Powerhour is a 7 week programme in the north of the city! The Powerhour is about to start its 3rd programme in January 2016 and has seen some excellent achievements from the team! The 7 week programme includes 2 sessions a week (one indoor, one outdoor), measurements and body fat analysis before and after, home workouts, diet plans and continued support. For more information regarding The Powerhour please email

THE ELIMINATOR – The Eliminator is a womens only strength & conditioning workout exclusive to the training station in Wavertree. The Eliminator, ran my fitness enthusiast Rayner Jordan is an excellent female only workout proving strength & conditioning is not just for men. The Eliminator runs weekly every Monday at 7pm till 8pm. For more information visit @theeliminator_



We have previously stated how popular hot yoga is becoming across Liverpool! Well below we have one place that is an excellent place to take your mat and clear you mind. We also have something for the hardcore fitness enthusiast. Heated workouts aren’t for everybody but this trend looks like its here to stay! **Its important to make sure the place you workout in heat has the right equipment to provide a safe environment!

HOT YOGA AT HAPPINESS – Hot Yoga at Happiness Yoga in Allerton is excellent for anybody who loves yoga or looking to try yoga! All instructors at yoga are highly qualified and have been teaching the in the industry for numerous years and are able to offer everybody progressions and adaptations. At Happiness Hot Yoga there is a class to suit everybody from relaxation yoga in a candlelit room to Funky Beats Yoga with Ryan Tierney for those looking for something a little bit upbeat.  For more information please visit

HOT SPIN AT YOGANATION – heated rooms at yoga studios aren’t just for the yoga lovers. Yoganation on county road has introduced spinning to their timetable. Yes, that’s right spinning in 180 degree heat! This is a 30 minute session of intense spinning and an excellent way to improve fitness levels. There are three excellent, highly qualified and approachable instructors at Yoganation teaching spinning. Each offering a different speciality to each class.  For more information visit



Resistantce training is an excellent way to improve you body magnificently! There are numerous classes and trainers throughout the city that incorporate resistance training into sessions. Resistance training can also be found in the strength & conditioning pragrammes mentioned above (The Powerhour & The Eliminator). Below we talk about two pieces of resistance equipment that you could look out for in your local gym, some gyms may even hold classes using only this equipment.

K08 – K08 Resistance straps are an excellent piece of equipment that can be found at numerous gyms across the city. FTPS in Speke run official K08 sessions throughout the week which are an excellent way to incorporate resistance training into your workout plan. K08 straps are also used throughout the Powerhour Programme. Heres a little fun fact about K08 – they were founded right here in Liverpool, by a scouser!  (interview coming soon!)

TRX – TRX are similar to K08 straps but limit mobility. TRX are an excellent way to use bodyweight training in our training programmes. Most gyms across Liverpool including JD GYMS LIVERPOOL have TRX cables available.


Liverpool is a city that is booming with Personal Trainers! What a city to live in if we would like to get fit? My Fitness Agent is set to launch in January and will offer the people of Liverpool a simple place to easily search for a personal trainer perfect for them. People of Liverpool will soon be able have their own log on to receive free taster sessions with personal trainers that match their needs. Below are a number of personal trainers in the Liverpool area;

Jason Porter – email

Danny Taylor  –

Charlotte Dobie –

Rayner Jordan –  tweet @theeliminator_


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